Healthy sultana cake

bo0tsey, Aug 1, 6:31am
Does one exist! I am horrified at the amount of butter which goes into these things. Hubby's father is *quite* overweight and has diabetes but hasn't cut back on luxuries - such as sultana cake which he eats every day for morning tea. Dr recently told him he has to lose weight, so I wondered if I could sneakily find a HEALTHY sultana cake recipe and pass it on to the MIL without him knowing, after having it pass the taste test of course!

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geldof, Aug 1, 6:38am
Truly, he needs to take responsibility for his weight himself.

But to answer your question.I would fiddle with the recipe your MIL has.
Try just taking out the sugar, it often doesn't make much difference.
I personally think that sugar is a bigger problem than butter.
You could try replacing the butter with unsweetened apple sauce.
Throw some LSA in as a portion of the flour!

bo0tsey, Aug 1, 6:42am
I know he does, but I know he won't! Honestly you should see the portion sizes he eats, and then goes back for more. Quite unreal. But if I can help in some way I'll try!

He's very fussy so I doubt LSA would go unnoticed and I doubt he'd like it. I'd like to try keep the flavour as similar as possible.

I've made an amazing banana sour cream cake before which uses no butter or oil, do you think it would work in this case!

kinna54, Aug 1, 6:43am
If you need simply to cut the butter just replace with a low cholestrol spread in the same quantity.the sugar content would worry me a bit more re the weight could try using a spoon for spoon sweetner.but truly if he needs to lose weight he probably shouldn't be eating the cake at all.but I am a believer in all things in moderation.
I will search out my "fit food" book which has a few healthy options, there may be something in there that can help.

bo0tsey, Aug 1, 6:47am
Awesome thanks kinna54.

I totally agree with you regarding cake, but I've talked to hubby about this all before and its the same old story "theres no point in stopping him eating these foods and being grumpy all the time" he doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke so I guess its his only 'treat' but when its everyday its not a treat. MIL won't stop baking it for him so this why I thought I'd find a new recipe lol sneaky

kay141, Aug 1, 7:48am
Try the 4 ingedients fruit cake. No added butter, sugar or eggs. And so easy.

I'll try and find it and bump it up.

jills3, Aug 1, 8:15am
oh yes the 4 ingredients fruit cake is wonderful.If Kay cannot find the recipe I will search for it.

bo0tsey, Aug 1, 8:26am
Thanks will go check it out!

gdwitch, Aug 2, 12:04am
Bo0tsey do you mind sharing your Banana cake with sour cream recipe.It sounds interesting.Thanks.

245sam, Aug 2, 12:14am
bo0tsey, after enjoying a nice buttery sultana cake I'm not sure that your FIL would enjoy the following cake but I'll leave you and your MIL to decide it if is worth a try.It is a long time since I made the cake and at that time it was a very much appreciated dessert and cake option for a diabetic relative.

½ cup each ofunsweetened fruit juiceandmilk (low fat OK)
1 tsp baking soda
1 cup each ofwholemeal flourandmixed fruit
1 tsp baking powder

In a saucepan the juice, milk and baking soda.Heat gently until it foams, then cool slightly and add the flour, mixed fruit and baking powder.
Mix to combine, then spoon into 2 greased 425g fruit cans.Cover with foil and tie with string to secure.Steam for 1 hour in a saucepan of boiling water.Also suitable for a good steamed pudding alternative – heat and serve with a cornflour-based sauce.

Hope that helps.:-))

bo0tsey, Aug 2, 3:57am
I had a look at my printed recipe which does actually have butter so i was wrong but if you google banana sour cream cake it is the recipe from and i was super happy with how it turned out :)

dalkemade, Aug 2, 4:11am
Hi Bootsey. Put into search top left Golf Cake and in the Date Posted Last Year. Under the Healthy Fruit Loaf is the Golf Cake, tastes very nice.

bo0tsey, Aug 2, 6:51am
Thanks will be testing out a recipe this wknd!

fran142, Aug 3, 11:24pm
Fruit cake Soak 1kg dried fruit in 2 cups strong black coffee or 2 cups orange juice leave overnight then add 2 cups self raising flour add spices if desired can also add 1/2 cup chocolate chips. Mix well and put into greased and lined 20x28 cm tin. bake at about 180 * for 50-60 mins Enjoy

bo0tsey, Aug 4, 9:25pm
ok so got my first healthy sultana cake in the oven! looking forward to seeing how it turns out

ange164, Aug 4, 10:20pm

bo0tsey, Aug 5, 1:05am
Interesting! am not a huge sultana cake fan to begin with, I did use only 750gm for sultanas as thats all hubby bought home from the 4 square, I think maybe a bit more batter would be good. It tastes good tho! definitely doesnt taste butter and sugar free. Will see what hubby thinks and he can take it home to FIL tomorrow!

Then will be the REAL verdict!

punkinthefirst, Aug 5, 1:10am
A fruit loaf might be a good replacement - some of them have no, or very little butter, less sugar and no eggs. You could double the recipe and make it into a cake.
You could also replace the butter with reduced-fat spread, or oil (forgot the ratio, sorry, but someone here is sure to know.)
Try this recipe at Healthy Food Guide, but replace the feijoas with sultanas, and maybe some apple puree for the consistency

kinna54, Aug 5, 1:41am
good luck bootsey.sounds like you're on to it! Hope the verdict is good!