Rye bread recipe for Korbo

korbo, Aug 3, 4:36am
thankyou kinna. will try it over the weekend.

245sam, Aug 3, 4:49am
korbo, Alison and Simon Holst's first Bread book as a Dark Rye Bread recipe with a Light Rye Loaf variation.Please ask if you'd like that recipe also.:-))

zuggle, Aug 3, 6:17am
Korbo, you have facebook mail.

245sam, Aug 4, 11:41pm
Before I put the book back on on the shelf korbo, I'm just wondering if you're wanting the recipe I offered!:-))

korbo, Aug 5, 3:02am
Thanks for the info, I am sure I have the alison holst book, will go hunting now. thanks again.

245sam, Aug 5, 5:20am
That's ok korbo, but if you find that you either haven't got the book or can't find the recipe and do actually want to try Simon's and Alison's recipe then please do ask and I'll post the recipe for you then.:-))