Individual chocolate mousse puddings

nana_gee, Jul 19, 3:39am
has anyone got a recipe for these made in muffin cases! I saw one on here some time ago, it had flour, chocolate and eggs-- I think.They were cake like on the outside and mousse in the middle.Would love the recipe.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 19, 4:46am
Do you mean chocolate fondants!

antoniab, Jul 19, 4:49am
Yep thats a fondant :) Mmmm my favourite and pretty easy to make so long as you know your oven

nana_gee, Jul 19, 5:11am
Not sure. Can just remember the heading was indivitual chocolate mousse.

bill241, Jul 19, 5:19am
I wouldn't describe fondants as having mousse fillings.

ange164, Aug 4, 5:58am

dons14, Aug 5, 12:47am

nana_gee, Aug 5, 8:27pm
Thanks dons14 --that's the one I was after. Thanks too to ange164 for your reply.

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