Adzuki Beans & Black Eye Peas Recipe Crock Pot

golfpunk0r, Jan 30, 2:41am
I experimented with a recipe last night - turned out to be really yummy and really cheap so wanted to share with you all. Take out the meat, and it's a vegetarian meal.

Chicken Breast
Red Onion
1 x Jar of Pams Tomato pasta sauce or fresh tomatoes
Veges of your choice: I used carrot and Kumara
Stirfry veges or you could use a winter vege mix
Adzuki Beans (soaked over night)
Black Eye Peas (Soaked over night, soak for longer than Adzuki)

Turn on crockpot for about 20 minutes before you put the stuff in. Cut up chicken breast into small chunks, brown off in frypan with chilli and garlic. Chop up kumara into small cubes and cut up carrot Julliene style or half circles. Chop up onion into small bits. Add everything (meat, veges, beans) into the crockpot, give it good stir and keep set on a low setting. I had this cooking from 7:30am-5:30pm. The only thing is that the black eye peas probably needed more soaking in water overnight, but other than that it was a hot and hearty meal which you can serve with a crusty bread if you need to but it's very filling!

Can be made without meat as the beans are meaty enough for those who are vegetarians. Could also be a vegan meal too I think as nothing else has animal properties/dairy in it?

It cost under $10 - I had it for tea last night, lunch today and have enough for two single servings in the freezer.

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