Homemade Mustard wont thicken

wineo, Apr 14, 5:31am
Thought I would give it a go but it is all thick at the top where seeds have floated and liquid is at bottom. Can anyone suggest how to rectify

juliewn, Apr 14, 11:36am
Hi. . would you post your recipe please so someone can help. . thanks. .

I'm currently growing mustard - the seeds are beginning to dry - to make some mustard so will be interested to see your recipe too. .

2halls, Apr 14, 8:13pm
Did you whizz it in the food processor to break up the seeds a bit when you blended the liquid with the seeds ? I have a recipe where you soak the seeds overnight (or longer) in vinegar and white wine then you whizz them in the food processor, it is only after you have put them in a food processor (for quite a few minutes) that they become a paste like consistency. If you give the recipe it would be a great help in advising you what to do ... :-)

wineo, Feb 4, 6:51am
Hi thanx for the tips, I cannot find the recipies now so can not post it. It was one where you soaked o/night. I think my problem is I did not leave ling enough in the whizz
thanx again

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