Veal Shanks Vs Lamb Shanks Recipes Please

blou, Jul 16, 5:30am
Have defrosted some shanks I thought were Lamb but they say Veal much difference ! they were cheap so guessing not as good ! recipes anyone

elsielaurie1, Jul 16, 7:58am
I put my shanks in a casserole dish, cut up an onion. For a sauce I use tomato sauce - 1/2 water and 1/2 tomato sauce. Bake 180oC for about an hour.

nik12, Jul 16, 12:53pm
Wow, where did you get veal shanks! (as a person who supplies such things and thought it nearly all went overseas) I would think treat them the same. Veal in NZ is only 4-7 days old on average, and only milk fed, so should be fairly tender.

mwood, Jul 16, 1:20pm
yep Bobby Calf knees LOL

beaker59, Jul 16, 3:23pm
google "osso bocco" a favourite dish of Wilbur Smith at least it appeared at least once in every novel he wrote.

rainrain1, Jul 16, 7:12pm
and quite possibly tasteless

fifie, Jul 16, 9:40pm
Once had some vealgiven to me, it was the most tasteless toughest meat i have had. Toss in seasoned flour brown them well, Throw them in the crockpot with chopped up onion,carrot,and celery pour some chicken stock over them and cook long and slow.

davidt4, Jul 16, 10:31pm
Osso Bucco is the way to go.It is traditionally made with veal shin cut into thick sections, but veal shanks would work well.Veal shanks don't have as much flavour as lamb shanks but have a lovely fine texture, and do not need to be cooked for so long.Here's a link to a straightforward recipe.The gremolata is important - don't leave it out. recipe.

davidt4, Jul 16, 10:34pm
My local branch of The Aussie Butcher usually has export veal, mainly legs, boned rolled legs and escalopes but sometimes shanks and osso bucco pieces.Cheap too.

jessie981, Jul 17, 12:26am
Country Calendar Cookbook (look delic in the picture)
4 - 5 lamb shanks
1 onion, peeled & chopped
1 - 2 green apples cored & diced
400gr can chopped tomatoes
1/4c br sugar
2TBSPs vinegar
1lge TBSP cornflour
1TBSP soy sauce
1tsp cumin
1tsp mustard powder
1/2 - 1tsp celery seeds
1/2 - 1 tsp gr black pepper
turn crock pot or slow cooker on to preheat while preparing ingredients
Brown the meat with a dash of oil in a fry pan. Transfer to crock pot. Scatter over onion & apple.
Mix together remaining ingredients. Pour over meat & cover.
Cook on low heat 9 - 10 hrs or high 4 -5 hrs or until meat falls from bones

Pull meat from bones, return to sauce & transfer to a pie dish. Top with mashedpotatoes. Bake until golden @ 180.
To cook in an oven place in a casserole dish & cook @ 160 2 -3 hrs.
Times given are for 230 watt slow cooker

bella95, Jul 18, 12:42am
Make a pouch of double thickness tinfoil, put on the shank, sprinkle over 1/2 a packet of mushroom soup, some chopped garlic/onion. 'Pouch' up the tinfoin, pour over a good glug of red wine, close the pouch and throw in the oven for a couple of hours on low (150/160). Then invite me round for dinner - I'll bring pudding. (;

beaker59, Jul 18, 1:53am
Not usually Bobby calves exactly, aren't those turned into petfood and fertiliser.

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