Wanted best ever white chocolate cheescake recipe

walt, Jul 16, 4:26am
Anyone got their favourite. Thanks in advance.

tortenz, Jul 16, 4:39am
I make this one alllll the time - it's good.And really quick and easy.

100g melted butter
1 pkt wine biscuits, crushed
500g Cream cheese
1 tsp vanilla essence
½ cup caster sugar
150g white chocolate
½ cup thickened cream

Mix together the melted butter, and crushed biscuits. Press into a spring form tin, and refrigerate.

In a food processor, beat together the cream cheese, vanilla essence, and caster sugar until it's light and fluffly.

Melt the chocolate slowly, and fold together with the thickened cream, and then mix this together with the cream cheese mixture.

Combine well, and pour over the bisuit base. Refrigerate until set

I usually top with frozen raspberries

walt, Jul 16, 6:46am
Thanks 245sam andtortenzI will definately try those cheesecake recipes. Cheers.

rj5, Jul 17, 4:45am
I have tried a lot of white chocolate cheesecake recipes as I love both white chocolate and cheesecakes, my best recipe ever is on the back of the nestle white chocolate melts, haven't got it near me at the moment and I drizzled passionfruit topping on top of it

245sam, Jul 17, 5:02am
This one rj5!It's from a 2006 packet of Nestle Melts.

125g plain sweet biscuits, crushed, crushed
60g butter, melted

Combine the biscuit crumbs and butter, press into base of 20cm springform pan, refrigerate until firm.

2-3 tsp gelatine
2 tbsp water
250g cream cheese, softened
½ cup sweetened condensed milk
200g white melts, melted and cooled
300ml cream
100g dark melts, melted (optional)

Combine the gelatine and hot water, stir to dissolve, then allow it to cool.
Beat the cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk until smooth.Beat in the cooled white melts and cream, until smooth.Beat the gelatine into the cheesecake mixture, and spoon the mixture over crumb crust.
if desired, swirl the cooled dark melts through the cheesecake.Refrigerate until firm.:-))

walt, Jul 17, 9:38am
Thanks guys. So much choice, will have to work my way through them.

rj5, Aug 2, 3:34am
Yes 245sam this is a great recipe!

deerhunter1962, Aug 9, 4:07am
Hi guys can these be frozen for a couple of months i have a 21st to do and wanting to get some stuff made before hand thanks

245sam, Aug 9, 4:27am
deerhunter1962, I haven't used either of the above recipes but I have frozen, very successfully, other unbaked/gelatin-set cheesecakes.:-))

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