My slow cooker just died

strebor1, Jun 26, 4:27am
so went to Briscoes, gosh what would we do without them> 60% off, so what a bargain, may as well have these lovely sheets too, reduced from $179.00 to $69.00, oh and look at the pillows - what a bargain, I am sure we need new ones!. Came home with the car much heavier and the card much lighter!

nfh1, Jun 26, 5:07am
LOL strebor - not just me then!Everytime I go to Briscoes I seem to buy some new towels or sheets, now I only need to live until I am 142 to use them all up!

strebor1, Jun 26, 5:17am
I know, but what a bargain! Couldn't do without a slow cooker though, so just as well I raced down there!LOL

nfh1, Jun 26, 5:19am
No, I would definitely miss my slow cooker - tis bubbling away as we speak.

beaker59, Jun 26, 5:52am
How much was the slow cooker! Brand etc!

eastie3, Jun 26, 6:46am
strebor1-I've still got my original Crockpot from a million years ago,although I don't use it as much as I did when I had a family to cook for.My DiL has a Breville Slow Cooker which seems to cook much faster than my CP.

nfh1 - I know what you mean,whatever life holds for me in future,I will have plenty of linen and an abundance of towels,duvet covers and assorted china to see me through.

elliehen, Jun 26, 6:52am
eastie3, what you say was confirmed by Monday's National Radio chef who has just published a cookbook.She said the old crockpots are nice and slow, then came the 'slow cookers' which were a bit faster and now the latest crockpots are fast - too fast she said, although I think she said that she makes allowances and suggestions in her cookbook for all speeds.

I'll check the reference and post it.

wron, Jun 26, 10:01am
Who's the radio chef and what's the name of her new cookbook please elliehen!

wron, Jun 27, 11:04am
Bumping for elliehen please.

elliehen, Jun 27, 11:44am
Joan Bishop.Her latest book: 'A Southern Woman's Kitchen', Random House
"Joan Bishop, well-known as 'Queen of the Crockpot', has been writing a monthly cooking column for the Otago Daily Times for 20 years. Over time, her trusted and much-loved recipes have inspired and delighted cooks in kitchens throughout the south. "

Other books by this author
Joan Bishop's New Zealand Crockpot And Slow Cooker Cookbook 2011!CategoryId=137176

strebor1, Jun 27, 6:51pm
The new slow cooker I purchased is slower than my old one and was tried out last night, it isgreat, so I guess it is a genuine slow slow cooker.
Brand is Russell Hobbs.

earthangel4, Jun 27, 8:13pm
I have one of those,bought it off trade me for 50.00 5 years ago,still going strong,and are very happy with it.

matuq, Jun 27, 8:18pm
I have one of the old ones . hardly ever use it because the food always seems so bland.Especially chicken.Will be something I'm doing/not doing right no doubt.

strebor1, Jun 27, 8:40pm
Yes, you can't blame a slow cooker for your food being bland. It is definitely something you aren't doing. Try browning and seasoning, if necessary,meat first before placing it in there.

huna1, Jun 28, 1:44am
use mine all the time love it its on the go right now as we speak with a yummy pot roast in it

candice6, Jun 30, 4:38am
my sunbeam crockpot light don't go for 35 dollars the fix it man say its ok to use it

family007, Jun 30, 9:13pm
Mines going on again today, this time its a beef and mushroom casserole. Wouldn't be without the Breville Slow Cooker (oval shaped one) from Briscoes! Nice bit of advertising eh!

biggles45, Jun 30, 10:10pm
Season meat well and brown it before adding to crockpot, and use all the same herbs/spices etc that you would use in the oven or stove top. Wouldn't be without mine. I also use a pressure cooker if I need to cook stew/soup etc in a hurry, but prefer the crockpot.

tehenga288, Jul 1, 5:54am
Haha me too

purplegoanna, Jul 1, 6:37am
yip i have an old enamel surround crockpot with temuka pottery neva heats up to the point where the contents would bebubbling, it keeps it just below that point, ill be gutted when she finally kicks the bucket.

nfh1, Jul 1, 6:38am
LOL - I feel so much better now.

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