Lamb Shanks in Slow Cooker

keysie, Jun 29, 10:50pm
I have put 3 shanks in for tea with the Maggi mix. Just wondering has anyone else cooked the this way as I am a bit concerned that the liquid is only in the very bottom of the cooker while some of the tomato mix is still sitting on top of the shanks. Don't want them to be dry. Have only used slow cooker twice so thought best to check. Ta

beaker59, Jun 29, 11:04pm
It will be fine that way just keep the lid on.

Did you brown the shanks!

keysie, Jun 29, 11:09pm
No, should i take out and do now! They can be in for 8 - 9 hours if needed though.

fifie, Jun 29, 11:16pm
Wouldn't be to concernedthe S/C produces steam/liquid as it cooks therefore increasing liquid. Maybe later turn shanks over once give juices a stir, remember when u lift the lid off it takes 20 mins off the cooking time. enjoy. Dosen't matter if you haven't browned shanks just leave them, i always brown meat for extra flavour but thats just my preference.

family007, Jun 30, 12:16am
I do lamb shanks a lot in the slow cooker. I get mine ready the night before. The last lot I did was awesome: 3 large shanks, one onion 3 cloves garlic, pumpkin, button mushrooms, tomatoes. Good dash of worcester sauce and soy sauce and one cup water. I did mine for 11 hours while I was at work, when I got home I lifted the bones out, shredded the meat up a bit and then mixed a little cornflour with water to thicken a bit.
Its one of my fav meals as I can chuck anything in, it doesn't matter!

biggles45, Jun 30, 12:19am
+1 but use wine instead of the water (prefer red, but white's ok if no red in the house. Oh and I don't shred the meat, I serve it on the bone. No cornflour either, while the meat is resting I reduce the liquid in a pan on the stove top.

family007, Jun 30, 9:15pm
hehe I'm a bit lazy when it comes to that! I never seem to have much liquid at the end of it!

twindizzy, Jul 2, 3:36am
One hour!

gennie, Jul 2, 4:04am
An easy one is a can of chopped tomatoes and a can of cannelloni beans with 2-4 shanks in the slow cooker for 8 or so hours.Tastes good, looks good when cooked and so easy.

frier, Jul 3, 6:36am
Lamb shanks , chopped onion, wrapped in tin foil, no liquid ,water, place in crockpot until you get home from work. Absolutely delicious!

sultana0, Jul 3, 11:53pm
Yep great way to cook, When finished I lightly dust mine with plain flour and pepper and place under the grill to brown up before serving

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