Eight textured chocolate cake

duckmoon, Jul 5, 6:17am
It calls for acetate for put the chocolate between.

What is it!

Also what is hazelnut and almond praline!

ibcreative, Jul 5, 6:19am
Acetate is a sheet of plastic.

nunesy, Jul 5, 6:26am
Acetate is like what you used for OHP machines back in the day. praline is a type of confectionary (fudgy and soft, some chocolates have it in the centre if you've tried them, like Guylian and other swiss chocolates).

nunesy, Jul 5, 6:27am
Hang on, just remembered. I think there's an edible version of acetate too!Not sure though.

duckmoon, Jul 5, 7:49am
I remember the OHP days, didn't know if it was the same

unknowndisorder, Jul 5, 8:16am
If I tell you the answer, will you give me a taste!
http://www.cakestuff.co.nz/store/index.php!main_page=product_info&products_id=3827 - so looks like cake shops sell acetate and it's not horribly expensive :)
If anyone does make this, you'll have to let us know how it goes and pictures. Also how long does it really take!

juliewn, Jul 5, 10:07am
Praline is a crunchy toffee/nuts mix.

1 cup sugar
½ cup Alison’s Pantry Roast Macadamia Nuts, Chopped or
Alison’s Pantry Sliced Almonds

Heat the sugar in a clean, dry, non-stick 25cm frypan over a medium heat, without stirring at all. As sugar begins to melt, shake and tilt the pan so it melts evenly. After a few minutes, the melted sugar will begin to brown, or caramelize. When all the sugar has melted and is an even, light golden-brown, add the nuts.

Shake and tilt the pan to mix nuts and caramel. Taking care not to burn yourself, carefully pour the hot caramel mixture on to a Teflon non-stick liner or baking paper on an over tray. Using a buttered knife, quickly and carefully spread out any large clusters of nuts. While hot, the mixture (praline) should slowly spread out until it is about 5mm thick.

When cold, break praline into long shards and serve with coffee (OR pound nuts and toffee into powder for a dessert garnish if you life). If put immediately into clean, dry, airtight jars, the toffee should remain hard and crunchy for weeks or even months.


duckmoon, Jul 5, 11:13am
Oh my,
I have just consolidated the ingredient list.
Here is the shopping list

950g dark chocolate plus 300g milk chocolate
840ml cream plus 250ml double cream plus 90 ml milk
11 eggs (4 whole eggs, seven egg whites and four yolks)
485g caster sugar
1 vanilla bean
370g unsalted butter
35g almonds (ground), 90g hazelnuts, 20g hazelnut and almond praline
8g cocoa
65g plain flour

marcs, Jul 5, 11:25am
Acetate is you OHP sheets. They are not edible. You make praline by making caramel first, add nuts the pour into a grease proof paper. Careful as this is hot sugar. Once cold break up then blitz to make it fine.

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