Weird Q re watties frozen burger patties

fetish, Jul 8, 8:55pm
Hi all, I have an odd question regarding watties frozen burger patties, bought some a while ago and when I opened them they were white . I looked at the date on the box & found they were out of date (even though I'd just bought them) I figured they were white because of the date issue.But I've just bought a new packet, that is not out of date, and upon opening they too are white, looks like freezer burn !
I dont usually buy these kind of patties, but had an inkling for them, but looking at these white things has totally put me off. Are they supposed to be this color ! And am I just worried about nothing !Or am I right, and burger patties shouldn't look like dry whiteround coasters .Any advice much appreciated :)

ruby19, Jul 8, 9:07pm
I don't buy the watties, but the Angel Bay brand, and these are not white when removed from the freezer.Did you buy the product from the same store, they may not be storing the product correctly, ring watties directly, and voice your concerns.

hokispca, Jul 8, 10:05pm
The 'white' is probably just the fat as fat is white when cold and those patties are full of it.

nzhel, Jul 8, 11:19pm
Yes I agree with ruby19 - the Angel Bay brand are much nicer tasting even tho they are more expensive. I never buy Watties as they shrink a lot and the favour isn't as nice. Best of all of course is to make your own and if you made plenty they could be frozen for later use.

alewis, Jul 9, 4:23am
I remember buying a packet for the kids and thinking that they were white looking, thought they were really processed and not attractive at all, the kids liked them but they love junk food and I am afraid that the category that I put them in. It's not hard to make your own and you can also freeze them on trays so they are free flow, costs a lot less and are 100% better for you.

fetish, Jul 9, 9:05pm
Thanks for the replies,as said I don't usually buy these type of patties, hence my query of if these are supposed to be like this at all, they don't look at all appetizing, it was just an urge to try smth different, which doesn'tlook like it wil be filled as I can't imagine eating these :(

ibcreative, Jul 10, 12:50am
I agree. It will be the fat - they are mostly fat as they shrink down to nothing when you cook them & the pan ends up full of fat.

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