Lamb Shanks

nzhel, Jul 12, 1:47am
Has anyone got a delicious 'tried and true' recipe for lamb shanks cooked in a crockpot and without wine! We're not really drinkers so don't ever have any 'spare' red wine on hand!

kara101, Jul 12, 2:09am
I just brown mine then put in Bisto gravy with onion.Always really nice.

winnie231, Jul 12, 2:29am
Crock Pot Minted Lamb Shanks Low all day ~ 10 hours
4 lamb shanks mint sauce sprig rosemary clove garlic bay leaf chopped onion diced carrot and celery 1/2 carton of Campbell's Beef Stock. Place all in crockpot Remove shanks and thicken sauce with either flour or cornflour. Serve over potato/kumara mash with long green beans.
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missmuppett, Aug 1, 10:48pm
Flour, salt & pepper the shanks.
Chop a carrot, onion and stick celery in bottom of SC.
Put lamp chops in, 1/2cup stock (i use chicken or vege), drizzle of maple syrup and a splash of soy sauce.
Cook on high for 4-6 hours
I always remove mine, then grill for a few mins to crisp them up at the end in the oven - they are SO nice.
We just got given a whole sheep, so we have lamb for days! YUM!

rainrain1, Aug 1, 11:16pm
Had they given you a mutton you would have had meat for weeks;-)))

missmuppett, Aug 1, 11:58pm
LOL, yes.It's a sheepy/lamby type thing and I can tell you we have had 1 roast, 1 set of shanks and 1 set of chops so far and it is YUM!Can't wait to get on the land and get a sheep myself!

kat35, Aug 2, 12:03am
feed them to the dogs thats what we do , I cant understand the hype over shanks when theres much nicer meat on a sheep than that

aglarana, Aug 2, 12:09am
I like my shank meat to fall off the bone and I like it simple.
Pour enough water to come 3/4's of the way up the shanks. Salt, pepper. Add 1 cup soya sauce. Quarter 2 onions(not peeled) and drop them in anywhere. Smash about 4 garlic gloves, again unpeeled, throw them in. Sprinkle a good load of basil and a couple of tablespoons of chives. You could also throw some chopped carrot or celery in, whatever. I put a layer of tinfoil over the meat, raised a bit, then put the lid on.
Set it to whatever time you want on the crockpot, but if I'm doing them in the oven I do one hour at 180, 3 hours at 150 or slightly below. Cover well.

rainrain1, Aug 2, 1:50am
really!maybe you oughta get in a new cook

willyow, Aug 2, 2:09am
Wow! I think they're one of the tastiest cuts when cooked long and slow.

ferrit47, Aug 10, 1:18am
I just Bake them in the oven for about an hour or so on 150.Spinkle Pepper & Salt lightly over them.

mas45, Aug 11, 4:12am
Woof woof! Depends how far you can throw but chuck them my way, I'll even eat them in the kennel if you like.if you scratch me behind the ears and tell me I'm a good boy.

fifie, Aug 11, 6:10am
You live on a farm with home kill when you feed them to the dogs!. What a waste. Buying meat these days out of a supermarket for a lot of people is quite expensive and almost out of reach for some, nothing wrong withlamb shanks slow cooked they are lovely. Go to a restrauant and see what you pay for them.

rainrain1, Aug 11, 6:11am
then what would you feed to the dogs!

firemansgirl, Aug 11, 9:31am
Tux biscuits! Cos. 'Tux keeps them full of life. fit as a fiddle, sharp as a knife."

rainrain1, Aug 11, 8:39pm
Poor working dog.good on ya mate!

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