Lemonade scones

csnss, Jul 1, 5:41am
hi has any one got the recipe for lemonade scones ,had it and have lost they are so easy and really nice thanks in advancec.

csnss, Jul 1, 5:58am
thanks so much for that 245sam

dibble35, Jul 1, 6:10am
would these work with diet lemonade! trying to be sugar free, and if i remember rightly recipe is just lemonade,cream and S/R flour so this could work for me. maybe

otori, Jul 1, 6:14am
fill a bowl with self raising flour, pinch of salt, hand full of cheese and around half a litre of off cream. Mix her all together an add your lemonade last to get the consistency right. Top with cheese, 180 oven and BANG lemonade songs

245sam, Jul 1, 6:16am
dibble35, have a look at the thread on the link I posted above at #2 - at #8in that thread another poster comments on her use of diet lemonade.:-))

juliewn, Jul 2, 7:25am
The recipe works well when milk is substituted for the cream too. I use the yellow top.

Hi Shirley :-)

boxermum, Jul 12, 10:25am
Chelsea Sugar website has the best recipe for this. Great site

susieq9, Jul 12, 10:30am
I have used diet lemonade and lite cream with no problems.

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