help with pickled onion recipe PLEASE

turksta3, Apr 11, 11:53pm
i need a pickle onion recipe that just has vinegar and brown sugar in it, i am unsure of quantities and also do i have to soak in a brine over night? ? thanks

52many, Apr 12, 6:11am
I would soak in brine as it helps to soften the onion a bit. Look at the Edmonds cookbook as I'm sure it tells you the quantity of fruit/vegies to the amount of liquid... . Taste is what I go on while cookng... ... I get a tablespoon of whatever I'm cooking and wait till it cools down to get a more acurate taste. Especially if its a savoury dish. Hope this helps.

jessie981, Apr 12, 7:10am
Pickled Onions (Aunt Daisy)
5lb onions
1qt vinegar
1lb br sugar
1/2oz ground cloves. allspice
2 big TBSPs flour
1/2 dessertspoon curry powder
2tsps turmeric
Cover onions with salt & water for 24 hrs. Boil vinegar & sugar, stir in ingredients which have been mixed with a little cold vinegar. Boil till it thickens. Dry onions, put in bottles & fill jars with the sauce. Keep 3 weeks before using.

doug57, Apr 12, 7:34am
I cut and pasted the following recipe from this message board a couple of years ago. . can't remember who posted it. . but it's dead easy and yummy!

PICKLED ONIONS IN 7 DAYS! 1 tblsp of plain salt, 2 cups sugar, 1 tsp dried chillies, 1200ml brown vinegar, 1 dssp dried peppercorns. Place all in pot and boil 10 mins, STRAIN and pour over peeled onions in jars, seal and they are ready in 7 days! Don't forget to strain them or your mouth will explode! ! ! Makes nice crunchy onions, not like the soft, insipid-looking ones at the Supermarket

chooky, Apr 12, 11:18am
Hi doug57, I made your recipe last week and couldnt wait till today being my 7th day. One jar gone already, they are yum and so easy. I really like the part it only takes 7 days. Thanks again for the great recipe. Ta

lonicera, Apr 14, 9:12am
I used to do pickled onions that were not even cooked and had a similar outcome to doug57's recipe. Just can't recall the mix! Someone else might, though. There was malt vinegar, brown sugar and a little salt, but can't recall anytrhing else. This was mixed up and poured into a jar of peeled pickling size onions to over flow, then lid screwed on well and left for six weeks, I think. The fluid could be reused for the next lot. Have done this with shallots, too. Haven't done it for years, as the Pickled Onion Kid has long left home. His favourite school sammies were pickled onion, salami and bite-cha-back cheddar. Funnily enough, he often sat on his own!

doug57, Apr 16, 1:08am
Not MY recipe people! ! . . I can't remember who original poster was though. . but it is definetly a 'keeper'! !

janienz, Apr 18, 6:23am
Hi doug that recipe sounds great i will give it a go. How many onions would i need to get for that amount of ingredients listed? Thanks

doug57, Feb 11, 12:11pm
Chooky? ? ? ? . . It's been a couple of years since I made it, and I just 'wing' things, so can't remember!
but if Chooky made them recently you'll get a better idea :)