Yummy Easy Chocolate Slice

taurus2005, Jun 10, 11:25pm
These tastes like Afghans-not so much butter in them.Makes 24

125 gr butter
2 tablespoons Golden Syrup
1 cup Cornflakes
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup plain flour
1 tsp Baking Power
1/4 cup Cocoa
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp Vanilla essence

Melt butter, GS in a large pot or large bowl in microwave,add rest of ingredients.
mix well,Press lightly into a baking paper base lined swiss roll tin.
Bake at 180 degrees for about 20 mins.

Cut when hot.

When cold, add icing -

1 heaped tablespoon Cocoa
4 heaped tablespoons Icing Sugar
1 tsp butter
About 2 tablespoons boiling water - more if needed.

Mix, spread over slice.Once icing set, cut again - you should be able to see where you first cut, so just cut over this.Pack in air tight container.

wildflower, Jun 11, 3:53am
I like there's no expensive ingredients in there:)Thanks for posting.

gardie, Jun 12, 9:07am
I made this with the kids at school today and it went down really well.Such an easy recipe. Thank you so much for sharing.My family are enjoying the off casts and I'm sure to be asked to make it again!

gerry64, Jun 13, 1:17am
going to make this now - thanks for sharing a recipe that you have tried - its so easy to google recipes but I really appreciate someones taking the trouble to post a favourite

kinna54, Jun 13, 4:40am
taurus this is very similar to a recipe I make: only difference is instead of rolled oats mine has coconut. An awesome recipe, and easy.

gardie, Jun 13, 8:13am
I agree gerry.I find it most bothersome when you ask for a recipe and you get the response "Google is your friend" or people post recipes that they haven't tried.Things cost too much these days to make something that doesn't turn out.

grandma, Jun 13, 8:21am
Tried and true recipies and tips from my Trade Me recipe friends suits me fine too.

taurus2005, Jun 13, 9:01pm
Hi kinna, I find this one with the rolled oats instead of coconut tastes just like afghans.Enjoy.

trah, Jun 14, 2:48am
Thanks Taurus.Made this easy slice today, and have already eaten too many pieces of it!

lynja, Jun 14, 8:03am
sounds lovely. Will be making it in the weekend!

sweater, Jun 15, 1:46am
Thanks for the recipe, I have made it & did not bother icing, it is delicious without the icing. Next time i am going to double the recipe, as it soon dissappeared from the cake tin.

taurus2005, Jun 15, 2:46am
I'll try that Sweater, bit too naughty with all that icing.

groomingtools, Jun 16, 10:03pm
Love these - made them this week

taurus2005, Aug 10, 12:25am
Damn,I just made these and forgot the sugar,just double the icing perhaps!Any ideas thanx.

kara101, Aug 10, 12:43am
I make this all the time but also add coconut to the recipie. nom nom!

paghan, Aug 10, 6:02am
Most likey to late now, but could you ice them like yoyo's! but a little thicker on the icing

trickytash, Aug 10, 6:10am
you can change the corn flakes for weetbix too :)

chooky, Aug 11, 4:10am
Just made it, and waiting for it to cool so I can ice it. Smells yummy. I doubled recipe as both kids home so they will want a doggy bag each.

bagpipes, Oct 27, 7:49am

guest, Jan 11, 6:09am
Shoot, so that's that one suespops.

guest, Jan 13, 1:19pm
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guest, Jan 14, 9:52am
Re: Weatheroffice forecasts with no wind. This stetrad last night for some reason. Very odd. It's occurring right across the country, not just southern MB. Looks like some sort of data feed problem.

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