Rump steak cheap as chips this week

beaker59, May 24, 3:19am
Its on special at PnS so I bought a whole rump its aged and vacum packed I just tried some its really nice and tender outside fat seems well trimmed which makes it even more economic at 7.99 Kg.

Tonight I'm doing steak and kidney tomorrow we'll probably hhave steaks any other ideas of good things to do with it I am expecting to get about 8 meals for 3 from this piece it cost me 37 dollars which works out very cheap per meal.

indy95, May 24, 3:25am
That is a good buy. You could slice some very thinly across the grain and freeze it in suitably sized packs to use in stirfries.

beaker59, May 24, 3:42am
In stirfries I genarally fry in wok first as a whole steak about an inch thick then once rested slice thinly and add back to stirfry veg just before serving, so yes a good idea which I will do at least twice with this rump should make it go a bit further too.

wheelz, May 24, 7:13am
the best has gotta be Thai Beef Salad. I could eat that every night !

poolgirl6, May 24, 7:28am
I use rump steak in a casserole.

sultana0, May 24, 9:27am
Thanks I better go there

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