Tripe in slow cooker

christopher53, May 28, 8:56pm
Would like to try tripe in the slow cooker for dinner tonight. Anyone have a easy recipe!

petal1955, May 28, 9:41pm

nitpnz, Nov 4, 3:28am
gee I love yas, TM message boarders, thanks so much

I overcooked mine last time I tried the slow cooker

seniorbones, Nov 4, 8:55am
Why would you want will smell just as bad in the slow cooker as in a pot!

mwood, Nov 5, 4:31am
that's a very good recipe - first cooking the tripe and sauce separately and then combining is a great technique

seniorbones, Nov 5, 7:06am
Thats how my mum did it cooked them separately, I was at my SIL having my hair permed ( in the days when we did) and she started cooking tripe the smell was worse then the perm solution and triple the smell of burnt rubber, I have never eaten it since.

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