Making a Horse Birthday Cake

fbndecor, May 29, 6:12am
Daughter is making a horse head cake for her neighbour's 4yr old. Any suggestions what to use to make the mane, and bridle please!

wasgonna, May 29, 6:22am
Liquorice strips for bridle!

geldof, May 29, 6:31am
Could you force a stiff butter cream through a potato ricer, to make spaghetti like strands for the mane!

elliehen, May 29, 6:42am
Or fondant through a garlic press!

kimkat1, May 29, 7:55am
I just made one a while ago, I used fondant cut into strips for the bridle with circles for the loops and then twisted two colours together for the reins,, hope that makes sense, it came out fantastically. the little girl loved it.

kimkat1, May 29, 7:55am
For the mane sorry I used rough strips of fondant in the colour shade I wanted.

fbndecor, May 29, 8:13am
Thanks for your suggestions so far, I will pass them on to my daughter

fbndecor, May 29, 8:14am
Do you have a photo of it by any chance!

kimkat1, May 29, 5:49pm
Sorry I didn't come back. Yes I do, I will upload it now.

kokopuff, May 29, 8:24pm
That is so awesome, very cool.

fbndecor, May 29, 9:29pm
That's fantastic

iman007, May 29, 9:43pm
kimkat, that is so awsome, bet your daughter had a great day.

hibiscuscoast1, May 30, 7:50am
Oh Wow!awesome, would love to do something like this.

What fondant brand do you use please!

kimkat1, May 30, 8:03am
I use satin ice, but have used pettinice too. for a cake like this the pettinice is fine,, it wasn't that hard really, just shape the cake and add a bulge for the eye and nostril, and then cover in buttercream then fondant, then just decorate using more fondant coloured to the shade for the mane and the bridle. You could do it too. Oh and it was for a friends daughter not mine. but yes they just loved it.

hibiscuscoast1, May 30, 8:43am
Thank you kimkat1!
I will give it a go in August for my young one.

kimkat1, Jun 1, 11:18am
Your so welcome, yell out if you need anything else and let me know how it goes. Good luck and most of all have fun.

bambi58, Jun 1, 11:20am
That's just great! Given me the perfect cake for grandaughter!

guest, Mar 22, 7:09am
Cake dummy/Cake dummies can be found in cake dacoreting supply stores and some crafts stores like Hobby lobby. Global sugar have them. Some do sell 4 high dummies so then you would only need 1 per tier. If they are only 2 then you need two per tier and glue them together.

guest, Mar 23, 4:58am
Where do I get the diemums from? Hobby lobby? and is diemums the actual name for them? Just want to make sure when I ask for them. and its 2 diemums for each size correct(totalling 4 I would need)? Unless I am able to find the bigger size, then only 1 is needed for each size (totalling 2 I would need only)

guest, Mar 24, 8:09am
Hi i just saw this, it is amazing i was wrdenoing whether you had a tutorial on this as i would love to make it it's my birthday in october, so i would love to do this. also do you actually make and sell cakes as this one?

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