Slow cooker

pumpin_telstar, May 19, 9:37am
I brought a slow cooker about 4yrs ago and its still siting in the box in the cup board, I wana start using it, What are some yummy foods i can cook in it and how do i use it!

1buzemum, May 19, 9:45am
First take it out of the box.

pumpin_telstar, May 19, 9:53am
I shall do that tomorrow, thanks for your awesome help haha

lindylambchops1, May 19, 10:09am
Try the message board search function over there
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Heaps of recipes or use Google.Local library is also a great place for recipe books on slow cooking.Enjoy the slow cooker!

pumpin_telstar, May 19, 10:14am
Thanks heaps i didnt even see the search function on side of page

jomatt1, May 21, 11:30pm
I'm with you Pumpkin, my one has been sitting in a box, brand new and unused for the past couple of years. I intend to use it this year!

lbphotography, May 21, 11:56pm
I'm in love with my slow cooker - put everything in it in the morning before I leave for work, come home and dinner is all ready & waiting!

connor2003, May 22, 12:14am
I gave my son a slow cooker for his birthday and the first thing he cooked in it was pickled pork he loved it

jordyalex, May 22, 12:28am
silver side is fantastic , in slowcooker , you just done need no where near as much water as doing it in apot , but you will need at least a cup or two if you wanting to make mustard sause afterwards
also , the slow cooker recipe mixes at the super market are great , or you can jsut throw some mince in, a sachet of thick country vege soup mix , water, veges , wostersauce , tomatoe sause , sweet chilli sause , garlic if you choose , can of tmatoes if you choose ,hope any of this helps

imrae1, May 22, 1:51am
Can I add uncooked spaghetti in with the mince!

prawn_whiskas, May 22, 1:57am
I have a chilli in mine at the moment.Then a soup will be going in tomorrow.

jordyalex, May 22, 5:09am
worth a try i havent personally tryed it , :) let me know how it goes

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