meathome, May 18, 1:45am
can someone tell me why it is that everytime i roast kumara they come out dry.never my potatoes or pumpkin, just always my kumara.what am i doing wrong.please help lol, thanx

karenz, May 18, 1:55am
Don't put them on at the same time as the potatoes because they take less time to cook, don't think it matters if you overcook pumpkin because it has a higher water content.Maybe you could also cover with tinfoil to keep in the moisture content.

cappucino1, May 18, 1:58am
You could baste it during cooking.We do a mix of balsamic vinegar and honey- yum- adds good flavour but also helps to keep the moisture in.

I agree with what karenz said though- kumara take nowhere near as long as other veg so either put them on later or par boil potatoes or other veg so that they don't take as long and you can put everything in together.

cookessentials, May 18, 2:11am
I lightly steam mine ( as well as the potatoes) until you can just insert a knife into them, then into the hot oil and juices surrounding the meat.

shyly, May 18, 2:20am
Put them in a roasting bag

earthangel4, May 18, 2:20am
That is how I do mine.

meathome, May 18, 2:23am
thanx people.yeah i generally half cook everything lol, coz you know - im usually running out of time in the arvo sort of makes sense that perhaps i am over cooking them and therefore losing all their moisture lol.i will definately try and put them in later in the cook.thanx for all your help :)

pickles7, May 18, 5:19am
Golden or orange Kumara are not as dry as the red.

cccc3, May 18, 9:19am
same as pickles7. I never buy purple ones to roast.

wheelz, May 18, 8:24pm
i love dry kumara !

bambi58, May 19, 1:42am
I don't peel the kumara when roasting - my son did them roasted in their skins for me and wow they were soo lovely, not dry at all!

bedazzledjewels, May 19, 1:57am
This is an interesting thread. Please keep the ideas coming.

liamjosh, May 19, 5:30am
I par boil mine as well with my tatties and they always come out moist in side.And I always use the gold kumera, lovely and sweet.

lizab, May 19, 9:33am
I always throw everything in at the same time. Tonight I did roast pork with roast: potatoes, kumara, pumpkin, parsnips and leeks - all roasted together at the same time. I think the trick is knowing how long it takes before each individual veg is roasted to perfection, and then making sure you chop the veg to a certain size prior to roasting, so as not to under or over cook them. Harder root veg (eg parsnip) takes longer to roast than say, kumara, so I always cut my parsnips smaller than the kumara. As I'm typing this I know it sounds weird, but I don't know how else to word it! Sorry.

meathome, May 19, 11:44am
yuhp youre so write.i do love the orange kumara but when we're having pumpkin i just like to mix the colors up anyway, i threw the redkumara in last for cooking and they were soft to touch when poked lol but sadly still dry inside.looks like i'll just stick to the orange kumara for roasting :)

pickles7, May 19, 12:40pm
yeah,,, stick to the orange,,, mind you pumpkin and the golden ones will look good and taste divine. The red kumara has not been nice for a few years now, they do at times have a corky texture that makes them even dryer.

cookessentials, May 19, 4:07pm
I only ever use the purple and have never had a problem. Perhaps look at where you are buying them too as sometimes you can get dud ones. I try to buy the narrower, smaller ones rather then the huge knobly ones. I also make sure they are not soft or spongeyor rubbery when pressed.

dreamers, May 19, 8:41pm
I chop all my roasties and put them into a plastic bag which I then put a bit of Olive oil into ,shake the bag so all get covered in oil and then put in a separate dish or around your roast.I do the same if I am using duck fat only I melt the duck fat .Sometimes I par boil,but don'tthink it makes any difference as mine are always crisp.

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