Lamb shanks

sezwon, May 11, 5:40am
Im making lamb shanks for the first time so just wanted to make sure im doing it right. basically theyre in the pot boiling with the sauce but they feel kinda hard when i push them, will they tender up quite a bit or should i try something different! i only have night and day shanks as a reference point ans the meat just falls off the bones its so tender

antoniab, May 11, 5:42am
I wrap them in individual tinfoil parcels with carrot, leek, garlic, wine and butter and bake mmmm they should end up fall apart tender.

sezwon, May 11, 5:45am
yeah i thought baking would be the way to go before i started but im just following an internet recipe, should do the same thing do you think or could i maybe throw it all in the oven now!

beaker59, May 11, 5:51am
They will be fine you just need to be patient it will take several hours of gentle simmering to get to the fall off the bone stage but they will get there.

sezwon, May 11, 5:54am
awesome thank you! just need some reassurance

winnie231, May 11, 6:19am
Maybe it's too late but - I'm slightly concerned at your reference to "basically they're in the pot boiling with the sauce".
Shanks need long slow cooking & to try and cook them too quickly will result in tough meat. Reduce the temperature until they're at a bare simmer & leave them for a couple of hours - at least!

gennie, May 11, 6:47am
A really really easy recipe for lamb shanks is up to 4 in a slow cooker with a tin of chopped tomatoes and a tin of cannellini (sp!) beans.Cook up to 8 hours on low setting. Meat is very tender and the tomatoes and beans make a yummy sauce.

glenn-ellyn, May 11, 7:06am
I have been doing this recipe for years and it is very yummy:))

elsielaurie1, May 11, 9:09am
j had a lamb knuckle the other night, which I believe takes the same preparation and cooking as a shank. I dusted it in seasoned flour and browned it off. Took it out of the pot while I browned a couple of onions. Put the knuckle back in the pot, partially covered it with water and simmered very slowly for about a couple of hours, turning it about every 1/2 hour. About 3/4 before my meal I added chucks of carrots, parsnips and potatoes. It was so yummy! The meat fell off the bone. So will be doing this again. A lovely meal for a cold evening.

schnauzer11, May 11, 9:41am
Or,40 minutes in a pressure-cooker.Yum!Worried about you "boiling them in sauce".Methinks the sauce will be history long before the shanks are edible.

norse_westie, May 12, 3:42am
I smother mine in garlic, salt and oil, drop in some rosemary cuttings from the garden and slow roast. Absolutely divine and drops off the bone. Its such a shame they are so expensive now. 20 years ago they were sold as dog food! My dog thought it was great.

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