What could i bake tomorrow for kids party on fri.

falliopian, May 14, 6:34am
I happen to have the day off work tomorrow and its my girls birthday party on Fri after after school (she will be 9) im expecting 9 girls and a few adults. I am finishing work at 12 on Friday for any last minute stuff, but wondering if I could do any baking tomorrow that would keep well to Friday.or is just tooo early!

cas41, May 14, 6:47am
you could make cup cakes, and pipe some nice flowers on them, you could maybe even freeze them until friday, or you could make some kind of slice, when i was young my mother use to make a slice made with weetbix base and then had a marshmellow topping,yum, kids love it. good luck.

olwen, May 14, 7:01am
Woul you need to freeze cupcakes! I would have thought they would be fine although I might leave buttercream till later.

gennie, May 14, 7:26am
What about something like lolly cake. Not technically a bake but it will keep well in a sealed container in the fridge.You could even make it flat in a slice tin and then use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes of lolly cake and then sprinkle with the coconut if you wanted to jazz it up.(Then save the off cuts to munch on the other days). Cupcakes would be ok to bake and then freeze un-iced.Then take out of freezer on Friday morning to defrost why you are at work and then ice when you get home.Have simple toppings all organised like sprinkles so all ready to go when you get home.If you are looking for something tea-party-ish then you could make small melting moment biscuits, freeze them until Friday morning and then ice when you get home on Friday too - tint your icing whatever girlie colour she likes.If they are small they look very dainty and tempting.

luvwine, May 14, 7:35am
Fudge, coconut loaf, carrot cake, all keep well. Truffles, cheesecake. Cheese straws

kinna54, May 14, 8:54am
Viennese orange kisses.
220g butter
1/2 cup icing sugar
2 TBSPS grated orange rind
1 TBSP cornflour
1 cup plain flour
1/2 cup self raising flour
Have butter at room temperature, cream with sifted icing sugar and orange rind, until soft and creamy.
Add cornflour, mix well.
Add sifted flours gradually, and beat until smooth.
Fill into piping bag fitted with a star tube.
pipe in 1 inch shapes on a lightly greased oven tray.
Bake in a moderate oven until pale golden brown.
When cold put together with orange cream:
60g butter
1 cup icing sugar
2 TBSPS orange juice.
Beat soft butter and sifted icing sugar until smooth, gradually beat in orange juice.
Sandwich biscuits together, and sieve a dusting of icing sugar over the top.

These are awesome, and make lots.

kinna54, May 14, 8:57am
You could also do snails: which are just a mini choc fish, with an oreo cookie stood upright on top, and stuck on with icing. Add some cut up licorice or fruit sticks for antenna.

These will keep sealed in an airtight container.

jody23, May 14, 9:35am
You could make the cupcakes, freeze til friday and then maybe the girls could decorate them themselves at the party if you got a variety of icings and sprinkles, girls love doing stuff like that

pheebs1, May 14, 10:30am
most cakes and cupcakes will freeze just fine
then on the day just thaw and ice!

darlingmole, May 15, 9:10am
make pizza's or mini bacon'n'egg pies and freeze, homemade sausage rolls or spring rolls (so easy and a lot nicer and cheaper than store bought).And on the day keep it simple - the usual cheerio's and sauce, icecream and jelly, chips and dips . the kids love the look of the food and then don't tend to eat that much preferring to play.Hope you all have a lovely day on Friday!

supercook, May 15, 9:23am
Honey rice bubble cake is always popular and super easy. Rocky Road for sweet treat for kids to eat or take home in goodie bag!

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