Biscuits and Cookies

candice6, May 4, 5:06am
do children still like home made one like white

norse_westie, May 4, 5:09am
My kids love homemaking. Apparently its popular because one of the little sods sells his at school.

bridget107, May 4, 10:04am
Of course! There are so many different kinds of biscuits you can make with children. Seriously teaches them essential skills with measuring etc too. Helps with maths especially.

norse_westie, May 4, 8:40pm
Every school holidays my kids do a "bake off'" for my Grandfather. Much planning and negotiating goes into it - who will do what, what ingredients are needed, how to stagger their time in the kitchen (three still need my help but two are fine without). I'm not sure who enjoys it the most - the kids or Grandad who gets to judge. Oddly enough every baker is a winner in their category. "These the the BEST scones of the day", "This wins creamiest fudge of the day".

The neighbors also win because the leftovers are carefully plated up and gifted to them as well. Its one of our favorite family traditions.

indy95, May 4, 11:00pm
Norse-westie, what a great idea that is !

cgvl, May 4, 11:52pm
norse-westie you have a smart kid there selling his biscuits. Hope he makes good money lol.
I loved baking as a youngster, being the eldest in a large family I had a saturday morning choice, do the weekly baking or do the washing ummm guess baking won hands down.

norse_westie, May 5, 4:41am
ROFL. I think we would all rather bake!

That little sod of mine got caught out when I dropped into the school and found him eating hot noodles. When asked where he got the money to buy them, he confesses he sells his home baking so he can buy them. Because $1 packet of noodles with boiling water is more interesting than the variety of delicious home baking I force on him each day.

But he is a wise one. He turned it around to say he was helping out the poor kid who bought his baking as he never got anything decent to eat, now he does!

cgvl, May 5, 4:54am
norse_westie that just made my day

juliewn, May 5, 10:09am
Your little darling will go far Norse-Westie. how cool that they cook for their Grandfather and neighbours, how amazing that there are so many categories too, clever Grandfather! ;~)

indy95, May 9, 4:58am
A very enterprising young man indeed ! He will undoubtedly go a very long way.

kinna54, May 9, 6:49am
Yep the kids rave over home baking. and the kids at pre-school love baking with the teachers. I used to bake with my grandies from aged 2yrs. Happy experiences!
Started with recipes I could make in the kitchen whizz, or things that you can just mix all in one bowl.
A recipe all the kids luv is shrewsbury biccies, they can use it with cutters, and choose to have jam filled or just dusted with icing sugar.
They also luv making pikelets or choc muffins.

bridget107, May 9, 11:59am
What a COOL idea. Love it!

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