Help Cleaning Pot after Russian Fudge Disaster!

redcapri, May 5, 9:12pm
Last night my beloved decided to surprise me by making Russian Fudge. needless to say the house filled with smoke.(burnt sugar and condensed milk). We put water in to soak overnight but the burnt sugar appears to be Welded to the bottom of the pot.Anyone have any sneaky tricks to help get this off, it is part of my set so do not want to throw out if I do not have to.Thank you so much for any help.

muzza3, May 5, 9:20pm
Is it stainless , I often use oven cleaner to clean all manner of things including the ceramic hot plates.

snipz, May 5, 9:24pm
Here are a couple of hints from a book I have.Nz woman's weekly book of household hints.
1. Add lukewarm water(not hot)and a few spoonfuls of Baking
soda and leave overnight.
2. Put enough vinegar into bottom of pan to cover base and bring gently to the boil. Cover and leave for half an hour. Clean normally.
Good luck!

ange164, May 5, 9:42pm
Do you have dishwasher powder! sometimes leaving boiling water with a teaspoon of dish powder to soak overnight will help loosen burnt on stuff.

redcapri, May 5, 9:48pm
Yes it is stainless. thank you for suggestions. I will start trying them out.

1buzemum, May 6, 2:52am
get as much as you can off then boil rhubarb leaves in the pot and a little more scrubbing and pot will be good as new

mumstu, May 6, 4:33am
The best way I have found to clean pots like this is to cover the bottom with about and inch of very hot water and add about 3 tspn laundry powder (fab,cols power etc) or the powder you put in the dishwasher (finish etc).Stir and leave the pot overnight.You should be able to get the stuck on stuff off the bottom the next may take a couple of attempts but this usually works for me.

redcapri, May 6, 5:30am
Thank you all so much.pot is soaking now.

duckmoon, May 6, 5:38am
Baking soda and vinegar (as suggested about)

whitehead., May 6, 9:24am
leave it out side in the sun for a couple of days it will peal off

melford, May 6, 9:29am
3 tbsp dishwashing powder in hot water - leave overnight and everything floats off

thq, May 7, 6:53am
make him clean it!

quarterpasttwo, May 7, 8:49am
scrub , or use oven cleaner

olwen, May 7, 10:30am
Or even better replace it with a better one.

punkinthefirst, May 7, 12:12pm
Use a teaspoon or dessertspoon to scrape the pot once it has been soaked for a while.

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