Apricot and ginger slice

evebee, Apr 7, 2:26am
Does anyone have a nice recipe using wine biscuits and dried apricots and ginger. Is it justa normal fudge recipe and adding other things. Thanks for your help.

nanasee1, Apr 7, 2:46am
Apricot and Ginger Slice
225g butter
1 c brown sugar
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
2 packs wine biscuits crushed
1 cup dried apricots – sliced
1 ½ c crystallised ginger sliced
2-3 T desiccated coconut as topping.
Melt butter, brown sugar and condensed milk over a low heat.
Place all but coconut into bowl, add milk mixture and mix well.
Press into 30 x 20 cm tin. Sprinkle with coconut

I often make this one & as a treat use ginger crunch icing instead of coconut on top. Very popular

evebee, Apr 7, 3:31am
Just what I am after. thanks so much nanasee1. Away to make it now! !

jenner4, Apr 7, 4:49am
Now this sounds a bit of all right , but what is ginger crunch icing please

nanasee1, Apr 7, 7:09am
Hi Jenner - from Edmonds Cookbook
4 Tbsp butter, 1/2c icing sugar, 1 Tbsp golden syrup, 2 tsp ground ginger. Heat together until melted and pour over slice (while icing is still warm. )

jenner4, Apr 7, 9:12am
Many thanks for that , will be giving it a try this weekend

alebix, Apr 7, 9:13am
The icing recipe is ok to double too as I found this to be way to thin for my ginger crunches...

nanasee1, Apr 7, 9:24am
Hi Alebix I double the recipe for the standard ginger crunch but find the single recipe does for the apricot & ginger slice - it is a much sweeter base to work with.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 12:51am
My Mum makes a similar thing but they are rolled into balls ( like a rum ball) and rolled in coconut. I love ginger.

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