Wild Rabbit in Watties Spiced Apricot

jason60, Jul 15, 6:17am
Wild rabbit for Tea tonight. Smells good in oven

How many other people have eaten Wild Rabbit? How'd you cook it?

beaker59, Jul 15, 6:50am
My favourite is just jointed, crumbed, and baked. But also have them casseroled or stewed.

jason60, Jul 15, 7:10am
Yeah if tonights goes down well thinking of doing like a chicken caserolle. boiling, de-boning, cheese sauce over/through it with mixed herb'd breadcrumbs on top. MMMMMM

ferita, Jul 16, 12:39am
You could have probably cooked it in apricot nectar and added your own spices :)

melp6, Jul 16, 12:41am
Me as a kid-I vaguely remember rabbit stew and it wasn't too bad!

jason60, Jul 16, 8:41am
was very tasty

uli, Jul 16, 8:53am
Did you casserole it or bake it "dry" jason60?

jason60, Jul 16, 10:28am
bake it in spiced apricot watties bit on side. MMMMM

blossom115, Jul 16, 11:02pm
is rabbit for sale? or have to catch it yourself like trout?

beaker59, Jul 17, 1:18am
You can still buy rabbits occasionally but usually farmed ones imported which are nice like a supermarket chicken. Wild ones you would have to catch though the technique is a tad different to trout fishing ;)

Wild ones taste better IMOH :)

jason60, Jul 30, 9:07am
Yeah wild ones are nice

beaker59, Jul 30, 11:00am
Too right Jason I'm hoping to bag a few on Monday, doing a road trip so it will be rabbit and trout for dinner I am hoping with maybe a few wild goats on the way home (maybe a deer or pig if really lucky :)

dinky17, Dec 12, 12:04pm
I like the taste of wild rabbit actually... taste a bit like woodpigeon, with a hint of kiwi.