Bake to Fan Bake Conversion 4 perfect roast chook

scannell2, Apr 7, 2:29am
Hi I am cooking a number 24 chicken tonight for guests. It says to bake for 135 - 140 minutes on 180 degrees. Does anyone know what this heat and time would convert to using Fan bake? Also if anyone has any tips on making the perfect roast chicken that would be great too. I never seem to be able to get them nice looking on the outside and always seem to have alot of juice in the dish which prevents the roast veges from going crunchy. should they be in a seperate dish? ?

pgta, Apr 7, 4:05am
Just drain the juice out before you put the vege in

missmalice, Jan 8, 8:52am
Cook the chicken in an oven bag! Soooo moist!

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