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celosia, Apr 21, 2:09am
thanks makespacenow, I have looked but the birthday is next week, so I would be running short on time.

celosia, Apr 21, 2:10am
245sam - yes, wondering same as you re their website.

buzzy110, Apr 21, 2:58am
I picked up a whole lot for about $4.00 the other day. I got them from Payless Plastic. Four different shapes with - 2 shape with 8 moulds and 2 shapes with 4 moulds. That's 24 silicone moulds.

gilligee, Apr 21, 3:39am
Masses of them on Trademe but not what you are looking for.

celosia, Apr 21, 4:35am
gosh, just when you get a brilliant idea to do something 'different' it all falls over (sigh) oh well, everyone has been so helpful, thank you.I just might ask a question on one of the TM auctions to see if I can get another direction to follow. Thanks everyone for all your help and ideas.

makespacenow, Apr 21, 4:39am
You could always just do plain round ones and carve 40 .

celosia, Apr 21, 4:49am
oh yes, you have given me an idea makespacenow - I could make plain round ones as you say and pipe 40 on - brilliant - will have to have a steady hand that's for sure.

celosia, Apr 21, 4:51am
I could have the birthday boy on and just put a 4 on the round shape making it look like 40 - the 4 being within the O.

245sam, Apr 21, 5:17am
A great and novel idea celosia - IMO that's the one to go for and maybe the 4 could be 'different' e.g. presumably you'd be doing the "round shape" in either dark or milk chocolate then the 4 could be white chocolate or a marbled mix of white and either the dark or white chocolate!:-))

celosia, Apr 21, 7:44am
great idea, thanks 245sam

cookessentials, Apr 21, 7:50am
I use Silikomart personally but nothing for 40th ( as in numbers) I love the "fashion" ones which are stilettos and fans

245sam, Apr 21, 9:13am
oops, that was meant to read.or a marbled mix of white and either dark or MILK chocolate!:-))

meegs35, Apr 21, 9:34am
Order from It's amazing for all things like this.

lisa_marie40, Apr 23, 12:24am contact this lady shes in hamilton she has loads of molds, also sells on trademe under the name of rosalie23

cookessentials, Apr 23, 1:55am

willyow, Apr 23, 6:46am
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