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celosia, Apr 20, 8:15am
I am wanting to make chocolate favours for a 40th birthday - I have tried local shops for some moulds but nothing available.I do have one 'birthday' mould which has two number 40s but really need to make more than two chocolates at a time!Does anyone have ideas where else I might try to locate more! Thanks.

kay1083, Apr 20, 8:21am
Have you tried spotlight! they used to sell them

mwood, Apr 20, 8:24am

celosia, Apr 20, 8:38am
Warehouse!I was in there today but didn't think to look for chocolate moulds - will go there tomorrow, thank you.

celosia, Apr 20, 8:40am
yes, thanks.I think Spotlight is where I got my first one from, probably when they were having a sale - I didn't find one there amongst their lot today.

mwood, Apr 20, 8:52am
they spell them "molds" - they are red silicone

celosia, Apr 20, 9:03am
thx mwood - I never gave Warehouse a thought so will pop in tomorrow and hopefully find them.

korbo, Apr 20, 9:06am
celosia, spotlight in hastings have heaps and the chocolate too.
they are down the far end by the wool, just ask the nice lady in craft, and if they have moved them since Monday (stocktake) she will show you where. There are some easter themed ones in the specials bins opposite the china/candles area.
good luck.

celosia, Apr 20, 9:10am
thx korbo, I did look through the pile of molds in spotlight today but didn't see the one I wanted.

245sam, Apr 20, 9:24am
celosia, another possibility is Bin Inn - I noticed the last few times when in our local (Christchuch) Bin Inn that they have a smallish selection of chocolate moulds.:-))

korbo, Apr 20, 9:35am
yes i have seen them in bin inn in taradale. and the cake decorating place in hastings should have them i would imagine.

korbo, Apr 20, 9:35am
what kind of moulds are you wanting.

celosia, Apr 20, 10:28pm
I am after the number 40 - I have tried the cake place in Hastings and they only have individual numbers like 0 - 9 and with those you make two separate chocolates.Will try and add a photo here of the mold I have which will give a better idea of what I am after.

celosia, Apr 20, 11:04pm
oops, I have forgotten how to put a photo on the message board, maybe someone kind will remind me - thank you.

245sam, Apr 20, 11:14pm
celosia, I haven't ever done so myself yet but here's the how to do it that I saved for if and when I want/need to do so - it's thanks to timturtle.
"to post photos on TM - go to my trade me and down the bottom is my photos, then you up load the photo, and then cut n paste the web address into a message, hope that makes sense, cheers
timturtle (40 )6:54 pm, 19 Apr"

Hope that helps.:-))

celosia, Apr 20, 11:16pm
thank you 245sam I must save those instructions, but now will try and add the photo which isn't very clear unfortunately.

celosia, Apr 20, 11:27pm
mmmmm - just having a few 'senior moment' problems with the cut n paste web address. Will keep trying tho.

celosia, Apr 21, 12:15am
as I said, not a very good photo but hopefully will give an idea of what I am looking for.

makespacenow, Apr 21, 12:17am
Stevens they have several different shapes and v cheap.

celosia, Apr 21, 12:19am
cool, didn't think of Stevens - thank you.

makespacenow, Apr 21, 12:23am
We have about five they are silicon and my daughter uses couple to make mini soaps Aaron gifts for school friends.normally they are 9.99 but often on sale 30% sometimes 50% off

245sam, Apr 21, 12:30am
celosia, I see and know exactly what you're wanting.Spotlight, here in Christchurch, used to have exactly the same as in your photo.I don't think they have anything like the same range as they used to have but try your local Spotlight which according to their website is at 200 Avenue Road West, 'phone (06) 878 5223.:-))

celosia, Apr 21, 12:38am
thanks 245sam, I have exhausted my avenues I think. People have been so helpful with various places to try but I am not having any luck at all. I was in spotlight here yesterday and they do have a huge selection at the moment but as you said, the one I have must be older stock now. I have been put onto a Hamilton website but can't access it unfortunately, so that will be my last chance I think if I can get through.

245sam, Apr 21, 1:22am
I wonder if the Hamilton website is the same one as I tried whichis to where Spotlight used to source their chocolates, chocolate fillings and moulds.I'm not sure if this is correct but I heard some time ago that the business owners had retired - again tho' I don't know how accurate that fact is but I have unsuccessfully tried accessing their (maybe no longer active!) website.:-))

makespacenow, Apr 21, 1:33am

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