Soy free chocolate

infinityjrc, Jul 24, 12:50pm
Does anyone know of a soy free chocolate available in NZ?

bedazzledjewels, Jul 24, 8:17pm
All good chocolate should be free of it, I would have thought?

guinevere2, Jul 24, 9:54pm
so what is some good chocolate then? :)Pretty much all milk chocolates like cadbury,whittakers etc has soy in it.When i've looked.

buzzy110, Jul 25, 4:14am
"Soy lecithin is an emulsifier, so it’s added to chocolate to keep the cocoa and the cocoa butter together."

"An emulsifier often added to chocolate during the manufacturing process to help give it a smooth, fluid consistency. Lecithin stabilizes fat drops and keeps them from congealing and separating. The majority of lecithin used in chocolate manufacture is derived from soybeans, although it also occurs naturally in egg yolks and some vegetables."

Sadly it is extremely difficult to buy an ordinary bar of chocolate without soy lecithin.

davidt4, Jul 25, 6:10am
I've just checkedLindt 85%, Green & Black 85% and Whittaker's 72% and they all contain soy lecithin.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 25, 6:23am
I wondered if it was the soy lecithin OP was meaning.
Here's a page from Paleohacks that might interest people. It seems that Green & Black and Lindt includes soy lecithin in some countries and not others.

buzzy110, Jul 25, 6:35am
You could be right BJ. I knew that good chocolate doesn't have soy anything else but I also knew that soy lecithin is ubiquitous in the world of chocolate. It is one of the few things that I have to turn a blind eye to or I'd never get to eat chocolate again.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 25, 6:41am
Yep - a bit different if you have a full-on soy allergy. Otherwiser just decide whether something that is about 1% of the content is what you want to avoid or not. Very interesting question though. I've emailed Willie to see if my beloved cacao has soy lecithin - no ingredients on the label other than 100% cacao!

bedazzledjewels, Jul 25, 8:47pm
Willie's Cacao report back that there's no soy lecithin in their chocolate. You can only buy it online for now. His tv programme is screening here again - TV3 Saturdays at 4pm.

sah5, Jul 28, 7:59am

prawn_whiskas, Jul 28, 8:06am
Some organic Chocolates use Sunflower lecithin rather than soy, hard to track down in normal shops... but there are at least 3 brands in one dedicated organic store that I shop at.

zsazsa777, Jul 29, 11:48am
Have asked Whittakers to consider making a block with sunflower lecithin. Said no demand. Maybe if more people request this.

buzzy110, Jul 30, 2:43am
This morning I checked out Loving Earth and Fair Trade Chocolate. Both were fairly pricey at $5.70 100kg block but neither had any lecithin at all. They both had organic cacao mass, cacao butter, cacao powder. The Fair Trade block has organic raw and cane sugar for sweetening. Loving Earth used Agave Syrup. That was all that was in them according to their ingredients list.

I am not keen on Agave Syrup because it is mostly fructose.

racheee, Jul 31, 2:46am
Glad someone started this thread, was wondering this myself.Will go for the Fair Trade choc now instead of Green and Black.

infinityjrc, Jul 31, 8:14am
Hi i wondered where you found the fair trade chocolate I would be keen to try it; i have heard there is another brand called vivani I think that also does not have soy lecithin in it.Will update if I can find a stockist in N.Z i.e produce in takapuna have had it but do not have any at the moment.
Thanks for this help, if anyone finds anything else i would be grateful, contacted Whitakers and they use soy lecithin in all of their chocolate products..........wha wha; hoping a NZ company might look at making a non soy chocolate meanwhilst i have some cacao nibs to eat .....not nearly as nice as chocolate, but still give the sensation of it.

davidt4, Jul 31, 9:13pm

buzzy110, Aug 1, 5:11am
There are Trade Aid shops in Auckland. I found one in Henderson today and was told there is one in Ponsonby and also Sylvia Park. Their bars are only $5.00. Huckleberry Farms at Ellerslie and Whole Wheat Harvest in Richmond Rd also stock it but it is 70c more. I bet most Healthfood grocery stores will have it as well.

rosathemad, Aug 1, 10:50am
I used to have a soy intolerance (it doesn't seem to be a problem anymore, though I avoid large quantities). Lindt 70% didn't used to use lecithin, and Donovans Pure (available from some supermarkets) had both a milk and dark chocolate without it. You can also get raw chocolate from - it's expensive and a bit different (but in a good way!) from normal chocolate, and rich enough that a little to nibble on is plenty - the 20g logs are a pretty good treat size.

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