Gluten, dairy, soy free pikelet recipe please?

what007, Mar 25, 8:43pm
Can you help? I don't know where to start. Thanks., Mar 25, 8:45pm
try buckwheat pan cakes instead (can buy the box of stuff at the GF area in the supermarket ) or grind your own buckwheat flour if your able to.

a pikelet by definition contains flour & dairy (never soy)

daydreamswindow, Mar 25, 8:49pm
Use ricemilk. I find the buckwheat pancakes need sugar for my taste, but they are really nice as well if you add apple-pie filling and cinnamon. They freeze well, so I always make a big quantity.

Alternatively I make each lot into one big pancake to fill the pan, then when cold cut it into segments and freeze what is not immediately required.

I use either rice milk or olivani in the pan to stop sticking.

what007, Mar 25, 8:50pm
Thanks, buckwheat is a no go too. Is there anything I can make using rice or cornflour (only permitted flours)? very rstricted diet with no additivesor rice milk also, so need to make fresh. Thanks., Mar 25, 8:51pm
why is buckwheat a no go? (just interested as its normally tolerated well)

what007, Mar 25, 8:53pm
On RPA elimination diet recommended by dietitian and specialist. Very restricted.

daydreamswindow, Mar 25, 8:53pm
Go to Commonsense organics, they have a good range of products for people with special food requirements. You can mix up a good cooking flour with various - and they also have a gluten replacer to add to your flours.

Have you investigated NZ Bakels? They used to have a mix which could satisfy your needs, not sure if they still do.

what007, Mar 25, 8:56pm
All manufactured mixes have additives that are not permitted on this diet.

___ellajac___, Mar 25, 8:57pm
What are additives that are not permitted?, Mar 25, 8:57pm
ah ok... I wonder if they realize its not actually a type of wheat... u never know lol. .

I'd skip trying to find alternatives then and just go without until your bodies sorted. qld. gov. au/nutrition/resources/allergy_eed
. pdf

Ah ok. . buckwheat is not on the "not allowed list" so it should be fine. . as stated. . its not actually a wheat at all, its a seed from the rhubarb and sorrel family.

___ellajac___, Mar 25, 8:58pm
I have just looked at thNZ Bakels website and it appears that the bread mix now has milk powder.

what007, Mar 25, 9:02pm
Thanks- The RPA (different to the link above) diet is a very limited diet and NO additives, colours, flavours, salicylates, amines, gluten, dairy, soy and many more non permitted items. And it is not for me.

herika, Mar 26, 9:39pm
Hi what007.
Im gluten, dairy and gum intolerant. I also have other foods I cant eat as well, one of them being buckwheat. It is related to the rhubarb and is high fibre.
I also wonder if there could be a gluten contamination problem with the buckwheat flour? ? ?
You may like to try my Banana Goldies recipe:
2 cups Hubbards Thank Goodness Cereal, 150g Dairy Free Margarine,
1 cup rice flour, 1/3 cup golden syrup, 1 cup coconut, 2 tlbsp White Clover Honey, ½ cup raw sugar, 1 mashed banana.
Melt the margarine with the golden syrup and honey until only just boiling.
Blend 1 tsp of Baking Soda and 2 tlbsp of boiling water and add to margarine mix.
Add the above mixture into the dry ingredients and mix in the mashed banana.
Shape into small sized golf balls and gently flatten with a fork.
Place on baking paper lined tray and bake at 175oC for 10-15mins
Remove from oven and cool on a rack. For a crisper biscuit cook a little longer.
Gluten and dairy free. This recipe may be viewed on the Hubbards website: the recipe section.
I use mainly maizecorn flour and rice flour in my recipes and make my own baking powder, two parts creat of tartar to one part baking soda. Some of them have almond meal in and I find Arrowroot very good. Check out the *Gluten Free Hints and Tips* thread it has lots of helpful information :)

uli, Dec 8, 8:48am
I would just NOT do pikelets - finished ...
Think about it - if the person is now allergic to gluten, dairy and soy - what do you expect this person to be allergic to in the future ... ? ? ?
Maybe all your "other" stuff?

So why not start on a grain free diet, and gradually introduce milk products to see if he/she can eat yoghurt maybe or any other "fermented" milk products.

Otherwise I would keep to a vegetable and meat/eggs diet - with emphasison raw and organic produce.

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