Birthday cake sugarfree

glynsmum, Apr 8, 10:27pm
I've looked on past board nothing! trouble is I want an indulgent cake with icing choc olate would be nice trouble is I want to have more than one slice if I fancy it.
My birthday today and I'm feeling old and grumpy. Help please

lilyfield, Apr 8, 11:20pm
icing sugarfree!

but you could try this: (sounds yuk to me)

elliehen, Apr 8, 11:27pm
If you have no objection to using artificial sweetener, here is a ZERO carb dessert snack ;)

3 envelopes gelatine (3 Tbsp)
4 packets WW sugar-free jellies
4 cups boiling water

Combine jellies and gelatine in a bowl. Add water and stir well until dissolved. Pour into sponge roll size pan.Cool in refrigerator.When firm, cut into small squares (kids can use cookie cutters).

Of course, you can make this with regular jellies too.

elliehen, Apr 8, 11:30pm
You could buy some mini croissants and heat them with some rich Dark Ghana 72% chocolate inside.

jed, Apr 9, 1:49am
It's your Birthday have cake :)Happy Birthday glynsmum

elliehen, Apr 9, 1:55am
That was my first thought too.but I guessed she'd have thought of that ;)

mothergoose_nz, Apr 9, 2:15am
could you use sugar free chocolate to make ganache

glynsmum, Apr 9, 3:07am
Thanks everyone I'll give everything a go LOL

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