Breville fast slow cooker

chi-chi, Apr 6, 8:08am
does anyone have one of these and are you happy with it! I use my slow cooker and pressure cooker often and this isboth in one.seems perfect but would like some feedback before paying $200.

falcon-hell, Apr 6, 8:11am
i have one-but i haven't used it yet.

chi-chi, Apr 6, 8:22am
can you tell me if the bowl is ceramic! advert says non stick and I'm always a bit wary of them cause they eventually start peeling

fifie, Apr 6, 9:13am

hairyhead, Apr 6, 9:17am
I have one and use it heaps .
One of the better things I've bought.
Bowl is non stick alloy just spray it before use with oil
Hope this helps

chi-chi, Apr 6, 10:17am
thanks all, think I'm going to get one!

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