Cobb Loaf Recipes

tania43, Apr 6, 3:07am
OK, so I'm a useless cook and am looking for the two easiest, failure-free Cobb loaf recipes to cook for my House Warming.

I have tasted the Spinach and feta? one, very nice, has curry powder in it, and the cheese and bacon one?

anyone got any other recipes that are guarateed to have them wanting more? hehe


nzhel, Apr 6, 3:16am
Try the search function on the screen - left side and select 'anytime' for the date posted - there should be a few come up there.

kiwigoldie, Apr 6, 3:24am
1 cob loaf cut hole (cap) in top and hollow out to 1 inch from sides


1 small chopped onion
¾ cup mayonnaise
375g cream cheese
1 ½ cups tasty cheese grated
1 teaspoon curry powder
4 large leaves of silver beat (lightly cooked and chopped)

Spoon mixture into hollowed loaf, put bread cap back on top. Wrap in tin foil and bake in oven for 11/2 hours at 175deg.

I sometimes chop some gherkin or salamior bacon or red or green pepper.

roys351, Apr 6, 12:00pm
add a sachet of on soup and go for 1 cup of mld edam etc of cheese instead

google0, Jan 20, 3:03am
I've added chopped up surimi or bacon in mine. Same as above but without the curry powder and using spinach

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