Healthy lunch ideas for children

livewire13, Mar 26, 2:27am
does anyone have any ideas! i am over the sandwiches, fruit, chips, muesli bar combination

angel404, Mar 26, 2:36am
I pop my own popcorn and put it in their lunchbox in a snaplock bag.
My daughter has a "naked" lunchbox and it comes with a small container (or 2) and sometimes i give her vege sticks and put a dollop of sour cream in the container. Sometimes i do homebaking - muffins, cupcakes etc.

angel404, Mar 26, 2:37am
Oh shes going through a "wrap" phase atm so instead of sammies i make her a wrap with salad on it. She hoofs those down.

auntlb, Mar 26, 3:22am
pikelets, wraps, vege sticks and dips, hard boiled egg, chicken drumsticks, rice crackers

livewire13, Mar 26, 4:20am
that sounds great, thanks for the ideas

lythande1, Mar 26, 5:36am
Ask your child, they are the ones eating it, and it would save on the loads of lunches dumped in bins every day.

red2, Mar 26, 7:56pm
cold mini pizza made with pita bread ; carrot or celery sticks with a dip they like ,. dried fruit , cheese slices etc

sarahb5, Mar 26, 8:14pm
This - mine make their own, always have done with decreasing amounts of help since they first started school.I buy what they are allowed to use (ie. not muesli bars, roll ups, etc) and they make it.They are teenage boys, they don't like to stand out from the crowd, and their choice is still sandwiches, chips (small packet - every day - I guess they're doomed), fruit and home baking.Occasionally they get chocolate milk if it's on special, sometimes they take yoghurt but that gets messy when you're playing football or bullrush, sometimes they take a carrot or some cherry tomatoes.They like easy access food that can be eaten on the run, literally, without everything falling apart or ending up all over their uniform.

darlingmole, Mar 27, 1:04am
frozen yoghurt, homemade meusili bar (5 mins in the microwave, mine loved it), boiled eggs, rice crackers and dip, nuts'n'raisins, leftover quiche or bacon'n'egg pie, mini rolls with marmite'n'chips (oops, forgot about marmageddon~!), corn fritters (leftover, cold), scotch eggs . hmmmm hope that's a bit of a help!

livewire13, Mar 31, 4:00am
thanks everyone, i think its time to ask her to pack her own lunch but offer her the right stuff to put in the lunch box

shazza34, Mar 31, 8:20am
darlingmole do you have time could you please post the the microwave muesli bar recipie.Many Thanks
Another thing I make often is rice balls the kids(esp the teen) love them and the other thing is small packets of dried seaweed that i get from kosco instead of chips. Also scroggin but always with a few choc chips then it seemed to get eaten. The other thing that is really popular with them at the moment is individual small salami sticks

sarahb5, Mar 31, 9:28am
How old is your daughter!I do know of some parents who have given over total responsibility for lunch buying and making to their children including given them the money to go to the supermarket and buy whatever they need/want.Of course, that depends to some extent on the age of your child but a good way to teach them budget skills too.

My boys usually do their own baking as well but occasionally I get the urge to bake and they benefit from that.I made brownies today but they are both quite capable of baking for themselves now.

uli, Mar 31, 12:57am
freash fruit salad
crackers & dip
wee chicken or ham rolls
cheerios to be heated
toastie pies
cheese rolls
cheese sticks
savoury or sweet muffins
loaf.yum my fav!
wee tubs homemade moouse or instant pud
wee salad.pasta/green/rice/potato
nachos. ready to be microwaved
fresh sammie
pinwheel scones.sav or sweet
wee tub of trifle or ambrosia.left over fron nite pud
chicken drums or nibbles
cold sausages or chop
b+e pie
noodle salad
.cant think of anymore!

posted by moggie57Mon 16 Jul

uli, Mar 31, 12:58am
1 big carb (sandwich, Roll ups, pita pockets, filled rolls, sushi rolls, pasta salad, bacon and egg slab, something along those lines.) 2 serves of fruit, and one or two items of baking/treat foods, and a bottle of water.

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uli, Mar 31, 1:00am

ruby19, Mar 31, 2:36am
I used to make my own jelly and fruit pottles, just use the smallest glad pots. My daughter used to like couscous salad, spinach and cheeses pie made with filo. Good old mouse traps. Hummus with carrot , cucumber sticks, boiled egg, I would take egg out of shell and put into plastic sandwich bag with a little salt and pepper.

sarahb5, Mar 31, 4:25am
It really does depend on the age and gender of the child - boys are too keen to rush off and play football or bullrush to eat anything other than a sandwich or something else that only requires one hand.And I can only imagine what a boiled egg smells like by lunchtime kept in a plastic bag inside a lunch box .

ruby19, Mar 31, 4:35am
No complaints from my kids :-)

sarahb5, Mar 31, 9:18pm
How old are your kids!What gender!And do they make their own lunch!Do you ask them what they want!All these things make a difference.

ruby19, Mar 31, 9:46pm
Both, they were in primary school, now they grab their own lunches, and will do the salad wrap, or take leftovers, if its along the lines of a just eat with a fork dish. Or a pie. I sometimes do muffins scones or daughter will bake something, and they take fruit.