Potluck/shared lunch ideas - prepare night before

drsic, Jun 22, 5:42am
anyone got some great ideas for me? It is for work and needs to be made the night before. TIA.

mackenzie2, Jun 22, 5:48am
I made a seafood pie (mussels, prawns, smoked salmon & hoki) then I made a fish cutout and made a sholl (sp) of small fish for on top, looked fantastic and tasted amazing... I also made a pumpkin salad

lonicera, Aug 28, 10:54am
This time of the year a pot of home made soup is always appreciated, but if that's impractical, what about savoury muffins or herb bread which is just a variation on garlic bread. Best if you can use fresh herbs, though or one of those tubes of herbs. Two or three dips like hummus, tzazeki (forgive spelling! ) or similar with fresh veggies or a selection of fresh and dried fruit with some nuts.