Help - easy healthy lunch ideas

27pukeko, Jul 12, 8:15am
I am sick of eating lunch on the run and diving into the shop for a pie or sandwich.

I need a simple to make, no fuss, filling meal for lunch.

Any suggestions?

27pukeko, Jul 12, 8:26am
Ok off to bed, big day tmw - will check thread tmw night - looking forward to all your wonderful suggestions :o)

gaspodetwd, Jul 12, 8:30am
Jacket potato! I have discovered that a big jacket potato wil cook overnight and be ready to pop into a thermos style lunch box. My daughter takes one at least weekly to school. She likes hers with cheese and butter. Or baked beans. It fits into her Aladdin micro lunch bowl. She is a different character when she has had a big meal at lunch.

fisher, Jul 12, 8:44am
cold chicken wings with salt. . ye olde proverbial boiled eggs... bacon and egg yorkies. . cheese rolls. . potato quiche. . bacon and vege savoury slice. . homemade croquettes. . stuffed sausages. . mousetraps. .
cold homemade rissoles. . cold homemade meatloaf. .
Not sure on the healthy part so I'll add a nice green salad with feta cheese. . :}

darlingmole, Jul 12, 10:03am
Call me old fashioned (just not old ha! ) but what about , , ,

taking your dinners left overs?
filled rolls - left over meats with relish and salad
boiled eggs
cheese and crackers
soup and rolls
fritters (tuna, vege etc with some kind of sauce);
sandwiches anystyle!
sausage in a bread with sauce
vegetables and with dip
scones (savoury or sweet)
mixed fruit with yoghurt
quiche (selfcrusting or with the pastry)

It might pay to spend an hour of two on a Sunday or whenever you have a spare couple of hours and have a sit down and think about what you like, what will fill you up, what you can afford, and what takes the least amount of energy and THEN you'll come up with some good ideas and the best bits? ? ? You'll save money AND be more healthy! ! ! yaya for kiwi ingenuity eh? !

alimick, Jul 12, 10:30am
In what? Crock pot? ? ?

pickles7, Jul 12, 12:09pm
... . 27pukeko... . be one of your uncles? ? ... . darlingmole... .
I just love taking a salad out for my lunch to golf, along with a potato to pop through the mic. If there isn't a microwave to use, I will take a can of salmon and have that with my salad.

red2, Jul 12, 9:49pm
buy a packet of crispbreads or multigrain crackers and a few small tins of tuna or salmon - real handy to have on hand at work for lunch. Also a small basket of fruit too

cookessentials, Jul 12, 11:23pm
Do you like smoked chicken? I often make this for myself when the weather is a little warmer. A good handful or more of mesclun salad into a bowl, add half a smoked chicken breast, cubed, one tomato, diced, an avacado peeled and sliced, stuffed green olives. i make an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing which i pour over and stire through. i sometimes will add extra things that I like such as sliced spring onion, or red onion, a few capers etc.

27pukeko, Jul 13, 5:12am
Hmm thanks but not sure I would enjoy a cold prebaked potato... could get one from Wendys though I guess lol

27pukeko, Jul 13, 5:16am
Some good ideas there - (runs off to boil some eggs).
Yoghurt and fruit I could probably manage ;o)
sooo sick of sandwiches...

As for dinner left overs - lol never have any of them as I dont really cook a lot, and if I do, I normally make enough for two nights so not sure about eating my dinner for lunch but it could work!

27pukeko, Jul 13, 5:17am
Pickles and Red, my thought on fish out of a can? just plain wrong! ! I often see people eating this on crackers and think what a good idea but I just cant get over the idea/taste of canned fish - urgh!

27pukeko, Jul 13, 5:18am
If I made this the night before would it still taste good to eat by lunch the next day?

elliehen, Jul 13, 6:00am
This reminded me of a good idea for fussy young children; they will often happily eat dinner left-overs for breakfast. Parents are sometimes hung-up on what is appropriate for breakfast.

motorbo, Jul 13, 6:18am
i always have leftovers from dinner, cooking a wee bit etxra is the easiest way to go, but if you cant another good idea is cook an extra potatoe the night before then in the morning slice thickly fry in one layer in smaller frypan sprinkle over rosemary then whisk up 2-3 eggs and pour over when cooked you have a yummy spanish tortilla that is tasty hot or cold

gaspodetwd, Jul 13, 6:21am
The thermos thing keeps a jacket potato toasty - and they improve on keeping actually.

cookessentials, Oct 24, 6:46am
Just make it the night before, but save the dressing until just before you eat it.