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mdallas, Feb 16, 7:07am
i'm a building apprentice i'm attempting to eat healthy on a tomato sauce and luncheon budget. i'm a heavy weight bloke and build up one hell of an appetite at the moment im smashing through about 5 cans of either tuna or chop chop a day with bars and fruit throwen in. help

carom2, Feb 16, 7:20am
5 cans of tuna or chop chop is expensive! What about cooking a bit extra dinner night before, chicken, chops or whatever and putting that in a couple of rolls or hamburger buns with some salad veges ? Do you eat breakfast?
Or... can you cook? You could make/buy a meat and vege pie or bacon and egg pie and carve it into 3 or 4 pieces.
I'll try to think of some other stuff. .

mdallas, Feb 16, 7:31am
i guess i should add that i'm in a extreme training programme for rugby. high protein. carbs after and before training.

alewis, Feb 16, 7:40am
a cooked chicken and a jar of mayo would be loads more and far cheaper than the canned stuff and a lot more less additives to it, I think the chop chop chicken is made in thailand and seeing standards there and what the chickens look like I would do the chicken you know :) macaroni cheese made the night before and either in a heated thermos or nuked at work perhaps baked bean sammies - a clever poster by the name of toadfish brought a toasted sandwich maker for her workplace and makes up toasted sammies with a cup of soup - potatoe salad with loads of eggs hope this helps

bumblebee13, Feb 16, 7:50am
add your tuna to pasta with grated cheese or sour cream. or make stuffed baked potatoes, savoury cheese scones. make your own pizzas we put satay chicken on ours they are really filling mushrooms etc.

cookessentials, Feb 16, 8:14am
Protein is one thing you need plenty of. Do you like eggs? mashed eggs with a good mayo with lettuce and tomato in a sandwich is good. Breakfast in a bun - a fried egg, with bacon, lettuce and tomato is another good, filling change. A good home made bacon and egg pie ( we can help you with a recipe)

chevyfireball, Feb 16, 8:26am
buy a good multigrain toast loaf-it is much more filling than white bread-i buy a loaf for $5 at paknsave in a brown type paper bag

beaker59, Feb 16, 8:32am
I am a physical sort of guy but over 50 now I tend to eat a big Breakfast and for lunch 2 slices of sourdough bread(my own homemade) a can of sardines in water and a tomato or two. Breakfast is a big plate of weetbix with greek yogurt and tinned fruit.

donnabeth, Feb 16, 10:00am
Try eating your usual evening meal for breakfast. That only works if you don't start work at an ungodly hour in the morning of course, but it will keep you going much better through the day.

I understand your need for food, my husband in his building days was the same. It is very important to have morning and afternoon snacks such as a banana, apple or cheese sandwich. Things that 'stick to the sides' as Grandma used to say. Summer is easy due to the high variety of fresh fruits and veges. Drink plenty of milk.

duckmoon, Feb 16, 10:22am
my hubby takes left overs...
What about boiling 1/2 a bag of pasta (cost around 70cent), covering with a tin of tomotoes (90c for the budget brands) and a tin of tuna (you will know what that costs) and some cheese.

If you have access to a microwave - heat at lunch time.

Otherwise spend $12 on a wide mouth thermos

winnie231, Feb 16, 10:36am
A rolled roast or leg/shoulder of something may SEEM expensive when shopping but once cooked with veges (in a slow cooker for best results & economy IMO) and some decent bread on the side - will see you infinately better through your working week than chopchop!

rozke, Feb 16, 11:24am
make up some scotch eggs ( pork mince wrapped in boiled egg ) cook when your making dinner. A stew with meat and veges in thermos and bread made the day b4 in slow cooker can use cheap meats

red2, Aug 12, 11:50pm
Molenburgh bread rolls filled with lettuce , mayo , tomato , cheese , grated carrot , hardboiled egg and your choice of protein - ham , chicken , tuna , beef , smoked fish . These are really filling. easy to make up if you have everything ready to go in seperate containers in the fridge. Also packets of nuts/ dried fruits. Good luck with the training

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