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prawn_whiskas, Mar 26, 10:45pm
Oh I see, she stated "sachets of milk" - Sachet's normally contain powdered items, rather than liquid, so she buys Pouches of milk.

daleaway, Mar 26, 11:28pm
All you milk powder enthusiasts are really using this message board to give the nod to Fonterra to put up the price of milk powder.

kuaka, Mar 27, 8:38am
Yes. I would call it a "sachet", obviously it can also be called a "pouch".It could probably be called a "bag" too.It's not a carton, and it's not a plastic container.It's liquid, and for my liking, it's too flipping expensive!

Actually, it's probably liquid white gold.

kuaka, Mar 27, 8:51am
Interesting comment, because as I said in my original post, the price of a 1 litre of "fresh" milk in a sachet or plastic pouch (bag) went from $1.80 to $2.48 in the blink of an eye!And to be honest, I don't really care whether it's Fonterra or who it is, that is selling it, I still think that a 38% increase in price without warning, overnight, stinks.

dezzie, Mar 27, 9:12am
Fonterra markets anchor products.and tiptop.Goodman feilder have their own processing/bottling plants, I know theres one in christchurch, but they buy the milk off fonterra.

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