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kuaka, Mar 25, 7:23am
was going down in price from end of February.Last week I bought my usual 1 litre sachets of milk for $1.80 at Countdown, today the same item is $2.48.I even took a sachet to the check-out and asked them to scan it as I thought it was labelled incorrectly, and it scanned at $2.48.The check-out operator called the supervisor over and he said that until now it has been sold at a "discounted" price and Countdown is no longer allowed to do that.I said they could shove it, put it back, and bought UHT milk which was on special at $1.99.

On the way home from Countdown, I called in at the local Four Square shop and bought the 1 litre sachets for $1.97 each.

How much do you pay for your milk!

gardie, Mar 25, 7:27am
Only ever buy skim milk powder these days - cost us $1 per litre provided I can get it on special (9.99).We always make it up ahead of time and I don't think its any different to using the green top milk in bottles.(Quite different though if freshly made up!)

noelee, Mar 25, 7:29am
$6.50 x 22litre bottles Red Shed Bell Block New Plymouth
$6.40 x 22litre bottles at High St Dairy Waitara

kuaka, Mar 25, 7:30am
thanks for that gardie.Actually asked a friend this afternoon (who lives a few hours drive away from me so doesn't use the same supermarket) how much she pays and she said she only uses milk powder now, says she buys a 1kg pack for about $10 and it makes 10 litres.I really begrudge paying so much for milk.I used to buy the sachets 'cos it doesn't fill up the recycling bag with plastic bottles.I love "ordinary" milk in my tea (being originally English I do love my tea) but looks like I might have to switch.Bugger!

kuaka, Mar 25, 7:31am
And at the price Countdown are asking, it's $9.92 for 4 x 1 litres.Yikes!

griffo4, Mar 25, 7:41am
kuaka it is the supermarkets who have put the price up not Fonterra but they will let the public think it is Fonterra

kuaka, Mar 25, 7:49am
Seems a bit stink when they have been "discounting" the price for so long, and now when they buy it cheaper, they up the price.They must think we are all stupid.Funny how when the price of cheese shot up and people stopped buying it, eventually it came down again.Maybe we can do without milk.

lilyfield, Mar 25, 7:55am
milkpowder here always- for the last 45 years

so convenient

kuaka, Mar 25, 8:01am
Is there any noticeable difference between brands of milk powder!We always used calci-trim milk until switching to the sachets, which is only available here in standard or trim, so we've used the trim.

gardie, Mar 25, 8:29am
I just buy what's on special at our local New World.They stock Anchor and Pams and they are both fine.I think that milk powder is milk powder - the skim ones that is.Don't like the whole milk powder at all.

gardie, Mar 25, 8:31am
And if I want something a bit 'creamier' I just add a little extra milk powder so its a little 'stronger'.

kuaka, Mar 25, 8:41am
thanks for that info gardie - I'm definitely going to switch.I can't afford to pay $10 to $12.50 a week for milk.It's ridiculous.There's only two of us.Don't know how large families can afford it - oh that's right, that's why the kids get coke or fanta instead of milk isn't it.

joanie04, Mar 25, 8:56am
I was paying $3.69 for2 litres, it then dropped to $3.29 for about a month and last week it was $3.59.Go through about 4 to 5 litres per week.This is from Pak N Save in Kaitaia.My mother gets 2 x 2 litres for some ridiculous price from the fruit & vegie shop in Paeroa.I think she pays less than $6.00 (but don't quote me on that)

antoniab, Mar 25, 9:01am
Too bad you dont live in Hamilton - My work (Nosh) is selling milk at $2 a litre. Has been since Feb and is thinking of keeping it up until the end of the year!

grandma, Mar 25, 9:13am
Our local dairy sells 2 litres for $2.99 (that is $3.)

kuaka, Mar 25, 10:11am
Sadly that's a bit too far for me to travel to get cheap milk!

angel404, Mar 25, 10:27am
I buy silvertop from supermarket and was paying about $5 for 2 litres which lasts us about a week. Now ive discovered our local fruit n vege shop sells it for $3.99 (2L) - bargain! But yep milk is still expensive.

kuaka, Mar 25, 10:31am
Cheapest 2 litres was $4.50 something today at Countdown according to the labelling, but of course they didn't have any, only the more expensive ones.

dibble35, Mar 25, 7:31pm
to buy all my milk
Thats so expensive, havnt bought any for a few weeks from supermarket but last time i went was $3.60 at countdown for homebrand - same milk diff label at the local petrol station is/was $3.10 so on principal i stop there to buy mine. The milk is produced by a independent!(not Fonterra) dairy factory at Waipu and a few weeks ago when I was at the foursquare in Waipu they had 2l milk for $2.60 or $2.80! was really really cheap anyway.
If petrol station can do it why cant the supermarkets!

cgvl, Mar 25, 7:47pm
here I buy full cream milk for $2.45 a litre or can get it from the smoke shop for $3.10 2litres (either blue top or skim).
last time I bought 2lts from supermarket I payed $3.60 for it.
Generally only use around 2litres per week for 2 of us.

lythande1, Mar 25, 8:05pm
Green valley milk, $5.0 for 2 x 2lites.

kuaka, Mar 25, 8:12pm
I'm not sure what "green valley milk" is - never heard of it.The stuff I'm talking about is plain packaging, basic stuff, nothing fancy.

And to answer your question "dibble" about why the supermarkets can't do it if the petrol stations can, I think the only answer is the petrol stations make their money out of petrol, and the supermarkets have to pay for their gimmicks (ie. fuel dockets, free knives) somehow.Also I suspect that because the labelling on the milk doesn't show the price, that is just on a tiny wee label attached to the front of the chiller, I think they hope nobody will notice, and because it's seen as an "essential", people will just buy it anyway.

pickles7, Mar 25, 8:35pm
Businesses have the right to print money right now. One of our supermarkets have just put in new shelving and fridges, something we looked at last week had gone up by $2.00. You really need to go get the prices from both before buying. We may just do that as an exercise this week.I will get back with my findings.

crails, Mar 25, 9:18pm
I only buy milk for the fruit shop now Fresha Valley all varieties 2x2L for $5.30

craig04, Mar 25, 9:32pm
Fruit World sells 2x2L bottles for $6, so I usually buy from there. Our local dairy has the same milk at $6.99 for 2x2L bottles which I get for emergency top-ups. If I go further out, I can get 2x2L bottles for $5.50 at a fruit shop in Henderson, but that's using petrol so it doesn't work out any cheaper - I only go there if I HAVE to go out that way for other things as well.

ETA: I can't remember the last time I bought milk from the supermarket! I just wish there was some place I could buy from the farm gate, I miss fresh farm milk especially from our dear old jersey cow *sigh*

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