Arrrrrghhhhh! My slow cooker just blew up .

jaxma, Mar 25, 3:19am
literally blew up!There were sparks flying around the kitchen and all!Anyway, I accept with much remorse that the slow cooker is destined for the graveyard at the tip now, but would I be able to use the inner bowl as a casserole dish in the oven!There is nothing wrong with the bowl or the lid, just the electrical part has gone up in smoke !

harrislucinda, Mar 25, 3:25am
is itacrocktypebowl!thelidmightnotgoin theovenashasitaplasticnobcanusein amicowavethough

jaxma, Mar 25, 3:38am
yes, it's a crock type bowl.I'm just investigating getting a new one from Flybuys . does anyone have any experience with Russell Hobbs slow cookers!My current one is a few years old (maybe four - not Russell Hobbs) but its not been used an awful lot, so I don't want to get a super cheapo one again (my one is from The Warehouse, so not a "good" brand).

dalkemade, Mar 25, 3:45am
Just dont buy a Slow Cooker brand. Very heavy and worse when full.

fifie, Mar 25, 3:54am
Use S/C and C/P a lot, have a R/H s cooker and don't like it, first onecontrol knob broke after 2 uses,got it replaced and this one lid dosen'tfit good, got told its because its made in china thats the problem lol, when it goes i will go for another brand, prefer my old C/P anyday,but others may like theirs.

dbab, Mar 25, 4:11am
I love my Breville Fast and Slow cooker. It allows you to brown/sear meat before either cooking as a slow cooker or a Pressure cooker.

justme27, Mar 25, 5:52am
You could always keep an eye out for a Sunbeam crockpot on here, they seem to last for years.

harrislucinda, Mar 25, 6:14am
ihave asunbeamnoproblemshadfor years

kuaka, Mar 25, 8:25am
I had a Sunbeam for years, managed to crack the crockery inner and replaced it, and then the actual electrical works died, so I now have a George Forman which I got with my Fly Buys points, and I'm very happy with it so far.Have used it quite a few times.I like the white inner 'cos you can see what colour the liquid is, and the see-through lid means you don't have to lift the lid to see what's going on.

suzanna, Mar 25, 10:52am
I have bought sunbeams off tm both for me and the family for around $20 and less from memory and they have all been without problem and we all use ours alot. I have an old Ralta at the bach and that just keeps on keeping on.

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