Cauliflower pickle recipe

ebygum1, Mar 3, 12:08am
I cant seem to find a simple recipe,I made one from the Edmonds book some years ago,but the book is currently in hiding! Can anyonyone help with a similar recipe! Thanks.

elliehen, Mar 3, 1:23am
A recipe promoted by fisher can be relied on.

elliehen, Mar 3, 1:28am
MUSTARD PICKLE from Edmonds Book 1976 edition

Cut up 4 cups each of:
green tomatoes
small onions
1 large cauliflower
Put into brine and allow to stand 24 hours; strain

Mix together
1 cup flour
4 Tablespoons mustard
1 & 1/2 Tablespoons tumeric
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
With sufficient vinegar to make a smooth paste

Add 1 cup (or more) sugar and sufficient spiced vinegar to make about 2.2 litres.Boil until the mixture thickens.Add vegetables and heat through thoroughly.Bottle and seal tightly when cold.

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