Easy cook

landrover11, Mar 2, 10:40am
I have just got a easy cook 737 custom, without a manual. Can anyone help me to use it / clean it.Even just the basics would be great.

herself, Mar 3, 12:27am
From a google search found the following;
http://www.easycook.co.nz/ https://www.easycook.com.au/mediavisionz/
Seems to have all the information you need.

landrover11, Mar 3, 6:30am
Thanks " herself "but it still doesn't tell how to use it.

tramore, Mar 4, 2:20am
It looks a similar product to one we have if it is a turbo type thing!To clean it, I just add hot water and a little dish detergent, turn it on at a heat about 200degrees, then let it do its thing for a few minutes.Rinse out and it's done!

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