Microwave v Natural

marsnvenus, Apr 5, 2:50am
We have thrown our microwave out. We have noticed a distict difference in the taste of our food. Which do you prefer and why?

kbrough, Apr 5, 2:56am
Never owned a microwave, I hate what it does to food.

buzzy110, Apr 5, 3:29am
Almost the same here. I owned one for about 5 mins before I realised that it was crap at cooking wholesome, primary produce.

No point having all that money sitting in an unused gadget which is also taking up valuable space in the kitchen that something more important could be using.

Good on you for getting rid of it. It is tricky when it comes to reheating foods but you soon learn to do wonderful things with leftovers that you would have missed out on if you had a microwave.

You get food cooked in utensils (pots and pans) and not plastic things that leach poisons into your food and as the dishwasher doesn't really care whether it washes plastic dishes and bowls or metal pots and pans, there really is no reason to have one based on saving yourself dishes either.

Also just think of all that gladwrap you don't have to use.

cap, Apr 5, 3:58am
I can't say I have noticed any difference and personally I love my microwave and very rarely use gladwrap at all. I don't cook in it a lot but use it for heating things up more than anything and defrosting bread. About the only thing I do cook in it is rice but it does a great job of that.

doug57, Apr 5, 4:42am
I haven't noticed a difference and never use gladwrap to heat/reheat either!
I think the microwave is a fabulous time saving invention for families!
It's great being able to use it in conjunction with the crockpot/oven/electric frypan to either zap some veggies, rice or gravy, defrost meat when you've forgotten to take it from the freezer.
Great for quick scrambled eggs in the morning. And also to reheat all those home cooked meals that I've frozen for lazy nights!
Would miss ours terribly!

samanya, Apr 5, 5:42am
they have their uses . . but cooking vegetables is not one I like . . mine is primarily a kitchen defrosting tool.

pgta, Apr 5, 8:30am
Love my veges done in the microwave - retains beautiful colour and taste.

natalie9, Apr 5, 9:00am
Same for me, great for busy families in the ways you've suggested above. And I love the way it does rice, 1 cup rice, 2 cups boiling water, 12 minutes on high. Perfect rice every time and stays warm in there while you are busy doing everything else around the house

mwood, Apr 5, 9:58am
I used to eat a lot of natural food until I noticed how many people were dying of natural causes

alebix, Apr 5, 11:27am
I love my microwave...

i dont cook my main meals in it though.
I do use it to cook the slap up pasta and sauce packets or the rice risotto.
We do use it alot to defrost themeat for dinner or heating something up.

I dont think I could ever cook using my microwave, my aunty did her frozen mixed vegies in it for years, they were still hard after 10 mins. .

bunny51, Apr 5, 7:17pm
I don't use moine very much, just to melt butter (I can't get the hang of melting chocolate in the microwave lol)
O sometimes cook corn on the cob in the microwave an maybe make custard but I don't use it to cook other veges (I find they taste funny) or to make meals etc so it is really just for convenience and I have only had it for about 2 years and it was second hand when I got it if It broke down I don't think I would bother replacing it

cookessentials, Apr 5, 7:21pm
the only thing I use mine for is heating the dinner plates, melting butter and thawing bread. I have never cooked in it.

pgta, Apr 6, 4:07am
After ten minutes in a microwave I would think they would be hard - frozen mixed veges only need maybe four minutes at the most stirring half way through

vintagekitty, Apr 6, 7:52am
Love mine as well, defrosting, heating up food mainly. The teens are always cooking after school snacks. I do remember when my mumgot a microwave when they first came out, I think it was around $2000 and was huge!

Oh and I just remembered when we got our first colour TV when we were little, such excitement. The neighbours used to come over and watch it!

neil_di, Apr 6, 7:33pm
Oh vintagekitty you made me smile. I got a microwwave when they first came out and with it were lessons on it's use. . very handy! ! ! Quite frankly I couln't do without it. . i dont actually cook meals in it but it is great for defrosting. . reheating. .cooking rice... softening butter. . steaming some veg. .cooking new potatoes. . dont use gladwrap and cook in glass with a plate on top. . and just ask any kid of the early 80's about choc self saucing pud! ! !

uli, Jan 6, 9:17pm
I never had a microwave and I think once you read up on what it does to "food" - then you would NOT be sad to see it go - in fact I think you would be worrying why you used it for so long.

However that is probably only true if you do worry what you eat. If it is used mainly for re-heating convenience food anyway, then I guess it doesn't matter.

If you try to eat a healthy diet with fresh veges, meat etc then I wouldn't "nuke" that myself, but cook in a healthier way.