How to rescue a dry chocolate cake?

holz22, Feb 18, 9:41pm
It was foolish to try a new recipe, but I did. And now I have a dry chocolate cake (baked last night) and i'm supposed to be taking it for mums birthday afternoon tea TODAY.

I have already iced it - But when I moved it to the cake stand the bottom felt very dry

Is there any rescuing this cake! Or do I just take whipped cream to go with it and hope for the best!

harpnote, Feb 18, 9:43pm
If you had not iced it yet you could have soaked it in some flavoured, warm sugar syrup. Otherwise you could just bring a dip of some sort and say you're supposed to eat the cake with the dip. :)

holz22, Feb 18, 9:45pm
I am considering turning it (gently) upside down and doing a syrup thingy.

I wonder if it would be easier to bake another one

norse_westie, Feb 18, 10:56pm
Any cake disasters in this house get heated in the microwave and served with a syrup, or chocolate sauce or custard, even whipped cream. Heating makes them steam and go very moist.

Hot chocolate cake and cream - sounds more appealing than dry chocolate cake. Even with icing on, it will melt and form a syrup.

elliehen, Feb 18, 11:18pm
Can you slice it through the middle and fill it with whipped cream and raspberry jam!

makespacenow, Feb 19, 12:50am
Cake disasters make great rum balls.i would bake another cake and chuck the dry one in big bowl with generous splash of rum.extra sugar butter coconut.icing whatever you have left over.after good overnight or day or two.roll into balls with pitted cherries in the middle rol in coconut.they usualy go well before the cake does.

lindi4, Mar 3, 5:23am
yip.reheat in microwave for pudding and have with cream

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