Slow cooker - smallest size?

gen3, Feb 11, 5:23am
Can someone tell me what brand of slow cooker (with inner) that is the smallest size please!3 or 3.5ltr! Thanks.

staed_41, Feb 11, 5:26am
I have seen a very small zip slow cooker my flat mate had one. Zip is sold at Briscoes try there.

fifie, Feb 11, 5:41am
A Tip if your purchasing a S/C buy the bigger one, if you are only wanting to do little quantities sit 2 preserving jar rings in bottom and put a oven proof dish on top to cook your food in Why ! because one day you might want to cook a big piece meat, or big stew, or bread, or pudding etc and the little one won't be big enough.

willow123, Feb 13, 9:39am
Mitre 10 Mega have the original crockpot which is approx 3L

calista, Feb 13, 9:42am
The small Russell Hobbs slow cooker is 3.5 litres.Briscoes sell them.

bindyloo, Feb 13, 11:05pm
I bought the larger oval shaped stainless steel Zip Model, think its about 5.5 or 6 litre capacity, only two person family, but I cook enough for two meals and freeze.Its also a great size for making soup in the Winter as well.
(Got on sale at Briscoes a couple of years ago.Fits a size 18/20 chicken in too.

gen3, Feb 17, 3:47am
Thanks to everyone for your info and suggestions.I'm happy with my old 2.5L orange Monier, but they weren't made with the removable crockery bowl. I've since 'done the rounds' and Briscoes do have a small Zip 3.5L (which doesn't look any bigger than my one).Now I'm having a rethink about the size, especially at the mention ofwinter soups, which I do freeze. Cheers all.

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