Plum to use up

kaddiew, Feb 11, 1:27am
I have approx a litre of plum juice (cooked/dripped) left over from making jelly, and now in the freezer. I don't want to make more jelly, so wondering what I could use it for!Many thanks.

lx4000, Feb 11, 1:35am
add to apples, rhbarb for a pudding. Drink chilled. Serve over your breakfast cereal.

wildflower, Feb 11, 1:54am
Ice Blocks

jessie981, Feb 11, 2:44am
Pour over icecream

jessie981, Feb 11, 2:44am
Pour over icecream

kaddiew, Feb 11, 3:50am
Great, thanks all! :)

punkinthefirst, Feb 11, 4:44am
Or leave in the freezer until you DO want more jelly!

tehenga288, Feb 11, 5:33am
Could sweeten & use as a cordial or use unsweetened with lemonade.OR - a bit of sweetened plum juice , a slosh of vodka or gin or whatever and top up with soda water and ice . Garnish with mint - Yummm

kaddiew, Feb 11, 7:34am
Don't think I'll make plum jelly again for a long time.and I wish i could drink alcohol!.but will definitely try it with lemonade etc. Thanks!

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