Recipe similar to Anatoth Farmyard pickle plz

rotamad3, Feb 9, 10:55pm
Love this if any one has a recipe similar to this. Cheers

magenta, Feb 10, 10:13am
I kind of made this one up. Based on Alison Holst with variations.
½ cauliflower, 4 medium courgettes, 3 red peppers (capsicums), 3 largish onions, 2 cups sugar, 2cups cider vinegar, 2tsp tumeric, 2tsp mild curry powder, semolina or cornflour to thicken (about 3 tablespoons or more if needed)
Cut up courgettes, onions and pepper into very small pieces. Break up cauliflower into very small bits.Place in glass or plastic bowl and sprinkle over ½ cup salt and cover with boiling water. Stand for an hour or two then drain off water and rinse the veges using a sieve. Put in a large pot and add sugar, vinegar and spices. Bring to the boil and simmer till the veges start to go soft, about 20mins maybe. Then add thickening to your choice of consistency. Pour into sterilized jars and seal.

guest, Dec 17, 9:37am
Chopped vegetables lose nteuitnrs faster than whole ones, even if they look fine. You should find a laboratory to test them, to compare a carrot or whatever bought on the same day and chopped with one that was kept in the fridge whole.

guest, Dec 18, 2:19am
Well that is great. Hope you enjoy the recipe. I aluatcly edited out the vinegar. Try not to do too much of that stuff, plus with the vegenaise you do not need it. Happy cooking to you :)

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