Another pickle making question

perfectsense, Jan 8, 6:53am
So I've just cut up all my veges ready to go for the morning.Recipe says to pour over 1/4 cup salt and stand overnight.Do I need to put them in the fridge and do I literally pour the salt over and leave or do I mix it through?

Who knew pickle making could seem so complicated?;)

olwen, Jan 8, 6:59am
Mix the salt through.I wouldn't put them in the fridge, but I'd cover in some way

winnie231, Jan 8, 1:18pm
Maybe a little late to comment - but - any veg I pickle which needs to be left overnight with salt, I put into a colander, place the colander in the sink and leave to drain. Many recipes require the veg to be rinsed before the next step so with the colander it's already to go.

winnie231, Jan 8, 1:21pm
Oh - and to add - don't do the salting process in anything metal (taints the flavour & has questionable health effects longterm) and as to covering - I just place a papertowel over top.

edited to add - I have a plastic colander!

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