Chicken filo's . whats your YUMMY recipe?

emma1981, Jan 28, 1:06am
Have filo to use up and guest who is coming to dinner doesn't eat red meat so either chicken filo's or vegie filo's, do you have a recipe! TIA

jellybeanbee04, Jan 28, 1:09am
We quite often to cream cheese, spinach, chicken, bacon and mushroom and its yum.

Someone told the other day they use spinach (I think they use those frozen spinach balls), feta cheese and chicken.

Also cream cheese, salmon (and something else!) seems popular.

bridget107, Jan 28, 1:39am
What about making a nice Spanakopita! Very delicious and you can either make one big pie or small triangle ones. Check out this recipe!

perle, Jan 28, 3:05am
Chicken breast, onion, fresh thyme, tin of apricots chopped.
Cook chicken and onion, herbs in pan, add apricots, add a punnet of cream cheese, stir thru till all melted and combined. delicious baked in filo, or equally delicious spooned into pastry lined dish, top with pastry lid, bake till golden. Delicious!

bridget107, Jan 28, 3:20am
Oh, wow. That sounds good!

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